Korean Society of Radiology AOCR & KCR 2022

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‘+ Include: 173 videos + 1 pdf, size: 98.2 GB

+ Target Audience: radiologist

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+ Include: 173 videos + 1 pdf, size: 98.2 GB

+ Target Audience: radiologist

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Information:

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is my great honor and pleasure to invite you to the 20th Asian Oceanian Congress of Radiology to be held in conjunction with the 78th Annual Meeting of the Korean Society of Radiology (AOCR 2022 & KCR 2022) from September 20 (Tue) to 24 (Sat), 2022 in Seoul, Korea.

The world is still going through an unprecedented period, with the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic thrusting everyone into an era of the New Normal. These changes are affecting not only our lives but also the medical field.

In response, the Organizing Committee has coined the new theme “Together! Toward a New Era of Radiology.” Now in this digital age, the capacities for global medical development and international cooperation are required more than ever to prepare for the future and strengthen our competitiveness.

In line with the above, the Organizing Committee is designing the best possible program with high quality scientific sessions that will provide a great opportunity for all participants to keep up-to-date with the latest research findings. To serve this purpose, AOCR 2022 & KCR 2022 is not only organizing Joint Symposiums with the leading 11 Asian radiology associations as well as various AI-related sessions including AI Special Focus, AI Hands-on Workshop, and AI Keynote Lecture, but we are also planning to invite a large number of world-renowned speakers and delegates to share their insights and achievements.

The Korean Society of Radiology (KSR), the organizing society, successfully hosted KCR in a virtual format in 2020 and a hybrid format in 2021 with a total of more than 3,500 participants attending the congresses. As such, organizing committee is confident that we have the experience to overcome this uncertain situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and prepare a most successful AOCR 2022 & KCR 2022 that participants can fully engage in and enjoy whichever way they may choose to attend it.

It is the wish of the KSR to have the privilege again this year to share its experience and knowhow with colleagues from all over the world through AOCR 2022 & KCR 2022. We cordially urge the members of the radiology societies in each Asian country to extend your unsparing support and interest to help us make AOCR 2022 & KCR 2022 a great success, and deeply hope that the COVID-19 situation will have improved significantly by the time of the congress so that we may meet in person and have a true festival of academic exchange and friendship.



+ Topics:

AI Hands-on Workshop 01.mp4
AI Hands-on Workshop 02.mp4
AI Hands-on Workshop 03.mp4
AI Hands-on Workshop 04.mp4
AI Refresher Course 01.mp4
AI Refresher Course 02.mp4
AI Refresher Course 03.mp4
AI Refresher Courses 04.mp4
AI Scientific Session 01.mp4
AI Scientific Session 02.mp4
Asbestos Related Pleuropulmonary Diseases.mp4
Asian Oceanian Radiology Forum 2022.mp4
CBR 01 TH.mp4
CBR 02 AB.mp4
CBR 03 BR.mp4
CBR 04 NR.mp4
Closing Ceremony.mp4
Congress Lecuture.mp4
Editorial Luncheon.mp4
Image Interpretation Session.mp4
Joint Symposium with KSMRM 1.mp4
JS 01 Asian Breast Imaging KSBI Joint Symposium BR.mp4
JS 01 Asian Breast Imaging KSBI Joint Symposium BR_01.mp4
JS 01 Asian Breast Imaging KSBI Joint Symposium BR_02.mp4
JS 02 RSNA-AOSR Joint Symposium.mp4
JS 04 ASTR-KSTR Joint Symposium CH.mp4
JS 04 ASTR-KSTR Joint Symposium CH_01.mp4
JS 04 ASTR-KSTR Joint Symposium CH_02.mp4
JS 05 AOSOR-AOCR Conjoint Session.mp4
JS 06 ASAR-KSAR Joint Symposium AB.mp4
JS 07 AOSNHNR-KSNR Joint Symposium NR_1 (1).mp4
JS 07 AOSNHNR-KSNR Joint Symposium NR_1.mp4
JS 07 AOSNHNR-KSNR Joint Symposium NR_2.mp4
JS 08 ASAR-KSUR Joint Symposium GU_1 (1).mp4
JS 08 ASAR-KSUR Joint Symposium GU_1.mp4
JS 08 ASAR-KSUR Joint Symposium GU_2.mp4
JS 09 Joint Symposium with KOSAIM.mp4
JS 10 IR.mp4
JS 11 TH.mp4
JS 12 ER.mp4
JS 13 Joint Symposium withKSIIM.mp4
JS 14 MS.mp4
JS 15 Joint Symposium with KOSRO CH.mp4
JS 16 CV.mp4
JS 17 PD.mp4
JS 18 Joint Symposium with KARP.mp4
JS 19 Joint Symposium with KSMRM 2.mp4
KCR Meets Malaysia.mp4
KSR Annual Report.mp4
KSR ??????.mp4
LS 01 Claripi.mp4
LS 02 Canon.mp4
LS 03 JW Medical.mp4
LS 04 Bayer.mp4
LS 05 Guerbet.mp4
LS 06 Bracco.mp4
LS 07 Samsung.mp4
LS 08 Siemens.mp4
LS 10 Philips.mp4
LS 11 United Imaging.mp4
LS 12 DongKook.mp4
LS 13 GE Healthcare.mp4
LS 14 VUNO.mp4
MC 01 CBR 05 & SS 17.mp4
MC 01 CBR 05.mp4
MC 01 SS 17.mp4
MC 02 SF 13 & SS 26 MS.mp4
MC03 RC16_1.mp4
MC03 RC16_2.mp4
MDT 01 MS (1).mp4
MDT 01 MS.mp4
MDT 02 NR.mp4
MDT 03 AB.mp4
MDT 04 BR.mp4
MDT 05 IR.mp4
MDT 06 IR.mp4
MDT 07 CH.mp4
MDT 08 IR.mp4
Opening Session.mp4
Plenary Lecture 01.mp4
Plenary Lecture 02.mp4
Plenary Lecture 03.mp4
Plenary Lecture 04.mp4
RANK-QS Symposium I.mp4
RANK-QS Symposium II.mp4
RANK-QS Symposium III.mp4
RANK-QS Symposium IV.mp4
RANK-QS Symposium I_1.mp4
RANK-QS Symposium I_2.mp4
RANK-QS Symposium V_1.mp4
RANK-QS Symposium V_2.mp4
RC 01 CH.mp4
RC 02 CH.mp4
RC 03 NR.mp4
RC 04 SP.mp4
RC 05 AB.mp4
RC 06 TH.mp4
RC 07 MS.mp4
RC 08 CH.mp4
RC 09 IR.mp4
RC 10 GU.mp4
RC 11 CV.mp4
RC 12 AB.mp4
RC 13 PD.mp4
RC 14 NR.mp4
RC 15 CV.mp4
RINK-CR(AI) 01.mp4
RINK-CR(AI) 02.mp4
SF 01 AB.mp4
SF 02 CH.mp4
SF 03 AB.mp4
SF 04 BR.mp4
SF 05 BR.mp4
SF 06 GU.mp4
SF 07 CH.mp4
SF 08 NR.mp4
SF 09 MS.mp4
SF 10 CV.mp4
SF 11 TH.mp4
SF 12 NR.mp4
SF 14 MS.mp4
SF 15 GU.mp4
SF 16 PD.mp4
SS 01 MS.mp4
SS 02 NR(HN).mp4
SS 03 NR(HN).mp4
SS 04 OT.mp4
SS 05 AB.mp4
SS 06 OT.mp4
SS 07 NR.mp4
SS 08 BR.mp4
SS 09 GU.mp4
SS 10 MS (SP).mp4
SS 11 BR.mp4
SS 12 CH.mp4
SS 13 BR.mp4
SS 14 CH.mp4
SS 15 AB.mp4
SS 16 TH.mp4
SS 18 NR.mp4
SS 19 AB.mp4
SS 20 CH.mp4
SS 21 AB.mp4
SS 22 CV.mp4
SS 23 NR.mp4
SS 24 IR.mp4
SS 25 NR.mp4
SS 27 AB.mp4
SS 28 PD.mp4
SS 29 IR.mp4
SS 30 RN.mp4
SS 31 MS V1.mp4
SS 32 CV.mp4
SS 33 GU.mp4
SS 34 CH.mp4
SS 35 NI.mp4
SS 37 IR.mp4
SS 38 NI.mp4
SS 39 PD (??? ?? ??).mp4
SS 39 PD.mp4
SS 40 GU.mp4
Visionary Education Session2.mp4
Visionary Education Session3.mp4
Visionary Education Session_1.mp4
What’s New Session.mp4
암다학제협의회 심포지엄.mp4
암다학제협의회 심포지엄-1.mp4
암다학제협의회 심포지엄-2.mp4
특수의료장비품질 관리교육 01.mp4
특수의료장비품질 관리교육 02.mp4


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