Keck USC The USC Peter A. Singer Thyroid Symposium 2022

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+ Include: 9 videos + 1 pdf, size: 1.73 GB

+ Target Audience: endocrinologist


+ Include: 9 videos + 1 pdf, size: 1.73 GB

+ Target Audience: endocrinologist

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+ Information:


Continuing our dedication to providing a comprehensive and current update in the management of thyroid disease, USC presents the Peter A. Singer Thyroid Symposium in 2022.

This hybrid program, offered in person and over virtual platform, presents forward-looking perspectives on the most current state ofthyroid medicine because clinical care of patients with thyroid disorders is a changing and increasingly complex practice, informed by evidenced-based management strategies.

For 2022, highlighted are areas of advancement and current debate, including new guideline recommendations for thyroid cancer, evaluating thyroiditis, autoimmunity’s effect on pregnancy, use of molecular testing for thyroid nodules, new ablation techniques, and the management of hypoparathyroidism. Presentations combining evidence-based medicine and clinical experience, challenging cases, and panel discussions answering audience questions, will help inform clinical practice in an era of complex clinical problems.


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss upcoming changes to American guidelines for the management of differentiated thyroid cancer.
  • Examine the data for the use of radio-frequency ablation for thyroid diagnoses.
  • Demonstrate the prognostic implications of molecular testing for thyroid nodules and cancer.
  • Identify causes and optimal treatments for different etiologies of thyroiditis.
  • Recognize the variety of causes for non-specific symptoms experienced by patients with thyroid disease.
  • Assess unique aspects in the oncogenesis and management of follicular and Hurthle cell thyroid cancer.
  • Appraise the relationship between thyroid autoimmunity and fertility.
  • Treat acute and Chronic hypoparathyroidism.


This course is intended for endocrinologists, primary care providers, nurses and other allied health professionals. Head and Neck or Endocrine surgeons, and trainees seeking to enhance their understanding of thyroid diseases and treatment options in order to select optimal management for their patients.




+ Topics:

Final Brochure_2022Thyroid.pdf
Session 1 Beyond Papillary What to Do With Follicular and Hurthle Cell Thyroid Cancers.ts
Session 1 Trouble With Tingles Managing Acute and Chronic Post-Operative Hypoparathyroidism From a Surgical and Endocrinological Point of View.ts
Session 1 What’s New in 2022 Highlights From the New American Guidelines for Differentiated Thyroid Cancer .ts
Session 2 Thyroid Autoimmunity and Fertility What is the Relation.ts
Session 2 Thyroiditis Interesting Causes, Interesting Solutions.ts
Session 2 Who to Consult Potential Causes of Thyroid Symptoms.ts
Session 3 From Diagnosis to Prognosis Molecular Testing of Thyroid Nodules.ts
Session 3 Radiofrequency Ablation-When and How to Recommend.ts
Session 3 Thyroid Grand Rounds I-Stump the Professors, a Case From Brigham and Women’s Hospital.ts


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