International College of Surgeons-United States Section 83rd Annual Surgical Update 2022

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‘+ Include: 7 videos + 1 pdf, size: 19.8 GB

+ Target Audience: surgerist

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+ Include: 7 videos + 1 pdf, size: 19.8 GB

+ Target Audience: surgerist

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Information:

Dear Colleagues,

It is my genuine pleasure to invite you to the 83rd Annual Surgical Update of the International College of Surgeons-United States Section (ICS-US), which will be held from April 28-30, 2022 at the Renaissance Downtown Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island. I truly hope you can join us for our 2022 US Section annual meeting, registration is now open.

I also extend a cordial invitation to the members of the American Academy of Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgeons who will be joining us for their 45th Annual Scientific Meeting. As the Past Chair of the Academy, I can attest to the important contributions this group has made to the overall success of the past gatherings of ICS-US. The collaboration between our groups has been amazing.

The CME portion of our program has been titled, Surgery 2022: Global, Rural and Urban Experiences. Click on the link below to review the preliminary Scientific Program. We will begin our program on Thursday afternoon, April 28th, with a session on Global Surgery that will also feature several special presentations by ICS Fellows as well as invited guests. Additional special lectures as well as specialty sessions will be included during our three-day educational activity to provide ample AMA Category 1 CME credit.

Providence is an historic city that will provide an abundance of social opportunities to all who attend our conference. To allow participants with ample time to do some sight-seeing I have replaced the typical live educational sessions on Friday afternoon with several virtual CME offerings. Total CME credit available is planned to actually be higher than previous annual meetings.

Not only is Providence home to the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, but is also centrally located to numerous other Northeastern academic institutions. A number of faculty members from these institutions are scheduled to join us as invited speakers during our scientific sessions.

For this year’s meeting we are once again limiting the amount of printed materials being produced and instead will distribute most of our meeting information digitally. We will be sending e-mail messages with meeting related links included as new information becomes available. Be sure to watch your email for updates about meeting registration, hotel reservations and the scientific program.

You should also visit our website regularly as this will be your primary source of information related to our conference. Whether you know about Providence and have visited before or if you have never had a chance to visit, this is a perfect opportunity to discover everything there is to do in this charming metropolis. An abundance of activities, fine dining, entertainment as well as top notch education will all be part of the ICSUS 83rd Annual Surgical Update in Providence this April.

I hope to see you there!

Mark N. Perlmutter, MD
President, United States Section
International College of Surgeons

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International College of Surgeons – United States Section
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The Annual Surgical Update is designed to offer information regarding the latest surgical advancements and technology to address gaps in knowledge that may exist for practicing surgeons in all surgical specialties, residents in training, and allied health professionals. The desired outcome of this program is increased knowledge, better competency in cutting edge treatment modalities, and enhanced treatment decision making. It is the expressed goal of the course to provide enough material that upon completion of the activity the participant can make educated decisions to incorporate the latest surgical techniques and technologies as well as discern when these procedures are warranted to provide optimum patient care.

Topics presented during the Annual Surgical Update have been designed to address and improve the attendee’s knowledge and skills in the following competencies; patient care or patient-centered care, medical knowledge, practice-based learning & improvement, quality improvement and professionalism.



+ Topics:

*Note: these are continuous video recordings during the conference, they include individual lectures mentioned in the Detail section below

International College of Surgeons.pdf
April 28 Symphony A.mp4
April 29 Mozart.mp4
April 29 Symphony A.mp4
April 30 Mozart.mp4
April 30 Symphony A Part 1.mp4
April 30 Symphony A Part 2.mp4
April 30 Symphony A Part 3.mp4


* Detail:

April 28 – Symphony A
• Magnetic Surgery: Is It Ready for Prime Time? *
• The Global Evolution of Kidney Paired Donation for Patients with ESRD. *
• Leadership in Surgery: Lessons Learnt (and still learning). *
• Development of the Czech medicine and surgery including Czech section of ICS CzechJapanese surgical symposia
• Building Collaborative Partnerships With An Eye Towards Equity
• Striving for Equity in Global Surgery. The Role of the Needs Assessment
• The Development of Pediatric Surgery in Rwanda As a Model For Global Health
• Pediatric Injuries During Wartime
• Quality of Life of Patients After Colorectal Cancer Surgery
• WSF Honduras is now a Reality It took 20 years but it is worth the effort!
• InciSioN The Future of The Operating Room

April 29 – Symphony A
• Abdominal Transplant Surgery Fellowship: A pot-pourri of domestic and international trainees
• Transplant Oncology: An Evolving International Field
• Donation after circulatory death: the international transplant community leaving the USA behind
• ls Xenotransplantation the Future
• The Role of Technology in Transplantation Surgery
• Better, Stronger, Faster Surgical Performance Optimization
• Advances in Endoscopic Spine Surgery
• Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Historical & Current Management Trends
• Endoscopic Cubital Tunnel Release
• Outpatient Anterior Total Hip Arthroplasty

April 29 – Mozart
• Minimally invasive decompressive surgery for lumbar central stenosis
• Management of Thoracolumbar Burst/Compression Fractures
• Knee and Hip – Tips and Tricks
• Fractures of the Scaphoid. Case Study and Review of Treatment Options
• Autologous adipose-tissue derived mesenchymal stem cells increase cognitive function in Arzheimers Disease

April 30 – Symphony A
• Trauma Care in a tertiary care hospital in India
• Thoracic Trauma Tracheobronchial Injuries
• Trauma Care During The COVID 19 Pandemic
• Blast Injury
• Trends in mechanism of injury in intoxicated trauma patients by age and sex
• Outcomes and their State-Level Variation in Patients Undergoing Surgery with Perioperative SARS-CoV-2 Infection in the USA: A Prospective Multicenter Study
• Chlorhexidine Gluconate Wound Irrigation and Surgical Site Infections in Renal Transplant Patient
• A Case of Abdominal Perforation in a COVID+ Patient
• A SIR Mathematical Model of Previous COVID-19 Strains to Analyze Variant Spread
• Outcomes and efficacy of MRI-compatible sacral nerve stimulator for management of fecal incontinence
• Mortality Risk Factors in Patients Admitted with Tracheostomy Complications
• Risk factors associated with in-hospital mortality among patients emergently admitted with the primary diagnosis of intestinal or peritoneal adhesions with obstruction: Analysis of 115,012 patients
• Surely the appendicitis did not go away! Acute appendicitis during the Covid lockdown. A rural hospital perspective and discussion of comparable effects in Europe and Asia.
• Breast Cancer Surgery and Cancer Care Resource Poor Areas
• Does Austerity Exist
• The Value of Global Surgery and Rural Surgery Training In Urban Academic Centers
• Surgical Philanthropy How to Operate
• Abdominal Wall Reconstruction vs Hernia Repair
• Emerging Personalized Treatments for Liver Cancer
• Central venous Occlusion’s impact on Patient hemodialysis
• COVlD-19 Vaccination Mandate for Transplant Candidates Ethical Considerations
• Covid Vaccination for Transplant Listing

April 30 – Mozart
• The role of neuropeptide agents in intracerebral injury following traumatic brain injury
• Minimally Invasive TLIF as Outpatient Procedure
• The Board Clinical Neurological and Neurosurgical Critical Care
• Management of traumatic sub-axial cervical facet subluxation – techniques and approaches


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