European Society for Medical Oncology Preceptorship on Hereditary Cancer Genetics 2023 Paris PDF

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+ Include: 24 pdfs, size: 64.2 MB

+ Target Audience: oncologist


+ Include: 24 pdfs, size: 64.2 MB

+ Target Audience: oncologist

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Information:

Start date: 29 Sep 2023
End date: 30 Sep 2023
Location: Paris, France

Learning objectives

  • To learn about the best clinical practice in the multidisciplinary management of hereditary cancer syndromes
  • To understand the molecular basis and heterogeneity of the genetic susceptibility to develop cancer
  • To learn how to recognize, diagnose, treat and provide prevention recommendations to patients with a germline genetic susceptibility


+ Topics:

Advances in Hereditary Pancreatic Cancer.pdf
Challenges of Risk Communication in Hereditary Cancer.pdf
Challenges of Tumor Sequencing, Exome Sequencing and Liquid Biopsies- Interpretation of Pathogenicity, Incidental Findings, Ruling Out a Germline Origin.pdf
Germline Susceptibility to Breast and Ovarian Cancer in 2023.pdf
Germline Susceptibility to Prostate Cancer- What Genes to Test, When, and Why.pdf
Hereditary Gastric Cancer.pdf
How to Adapt Our Clinics to Deliver Targeted Therapies for Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer.pdf
How to Identify Lynch Syndrome Patients When Treating Patients with CRC.pdf
Overview of the Clinical Challenges in Hereditary Cancer- Identification, Treatment and Prevention. The Role of ERN-GENTURIS Network in Europe.pdf
Participant Clinical Case Discussion- A Young Adult with Lynch Syndrome and Two Primary Tumors.pdf
Participant Clinical Case Discussion- BRCA-associated TN-MBC During Pregnancy.pdf
Participant Clinical Case Discussion- Breast Cancer in a Patient with Short Stature- A Diagnosis not to Miss.pdf
Participant Clinical Case Discussion- Controversies in the Molecular Interpretation of an Ovarian Tumor in a Woman with an NF1 Germline Pathogenic Variant.pdf
Participant Clinical Case Discussion- How to Choose Between the Adjuvant Treatment Options for High-risk Hormone Receptor-positive gBRCA Early Breast Cancer.pdf
Participant Clinical Case Discussion- Mother’s or Father’s Fault.pdf
Participant Clinical Case Discussion- Prostate Cancer Patient with Burdened Family History.pdf
Participant Clinical Case Discussion- Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer.pdf
Participant Clinical Case Discussion- The Treatment and the Follow-up for a HR + Stage III Breast Cancer Patient with LI-FRAUMENI Syndrome.pdf
PTEN-hamartoma Syndrome.pdf
Recognizing Variants of Germline Origin in Tumor Sequencing- ESMO Guidelines.pdf
The Role of Germline Alterations in Fertility and Reproductive Decision Making.pdf
Welcome and Introduction.pdf
What an Oncologist Needs to Know About Polyposis and Colorectal Cancer Germline Susceptibility.pdf


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