Contemporary Forum Contraceptive Technology 2018

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‘+ Include: 62 videos, size: 8.4 GB

+ Target Audience: gynecology and obstetrics physician


+ Include: 62 videos, size: 8.4 GB

+ Target Audience: gynecology and obstetrics physician

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

CCS11 Focus on Hormonal Contraception Challenging Cases.mp4
CCS12 Not Again Case Studies in Recurrent Vaginitis.mp4
CCS13 Photoquiz Genital Skin Conditions.mp4
CCS14 Managing Early Pregnancy Loss.mp4
CCS15 Dealing with Diabetes and Reproductive Health.mp4
CCS21 Updating the Postpartum Visit Incorporating New.mp4
CCS22 Nobody Home How to Manage a Pregnancy of Unknown Location.mp4
CCS23 Contraceptive Cases Complications Side Effects and Benefits in Teens.mp4
CCS24 I have Got HPV Update and Counseling Strategies.mp4
CCS25 It Takes Two to Tango Partner Management Strategies for STIs.mp4
CCS31 What is New in the 2017 NAMS Menopause Treatment Guidelines.mp4
CCS32 Breastfeeding and Birth Control Short and Long-Term Effects on Women s Health.mp4
CCS33 Incorporating Evidence and Patient Preferences Challenging Contraceptive Counseling Cases.mp4
CCS34 What is Going on Down There STD Case Studies.mp4
CCS35 Improving Sexual Health Services for Transgender Patients Hormonal Management and Other Issues.mp4
CCS41 Ouch Pelvic Pain in Adolescents.mp4
CCS42 The Technology of Contraception Yesterday Today and Tomorrow.mp4
CCS43 Office Management of Bartholin Duct and Vulvar Abscesses.mp4
CCS44 How to Manage Medications that Interact with Contraception.mp4
CCS45 Patient Centered Contraception Counseling Beyond LARC.mp4
CCS51 There is an App for that Integrating Mobile Technology Into Your Women s Health Practice.mp4
CCS52 The First Time The Initial Reproductive Health Visit for Adolescents.mp4
CCS53 What is New with the Pill.mp4
CCS54 Cancer Screening Guidelines.mp4
CCS55 The Well Woman Visit A Focus on Three Controversies.mp4
PCB1015 The Return of Syphilis Update on Syphilis Screening and Treatment in Women.mp4
PCB1100 STI Clinical Pearls Challenging Cases.mp4
PCB800 STIs in 2018 What Do Clinicians Need to Know.mp4
PCB830 Update on Vaginitis Taking Charge of Discharge.mp4
PCB915 Genital Herpes Managing the Sore and More.mp4
PCC1000 Cancer and Contraception Prevention and Risk.mp4
PCC1045 Contraception for the Perimenopausal Woman.mp4
PCC1115 Challenging Contraceptive Cases From Menarche to Menopause.mp4
PCC800 Contraceptive Guidelines for Adolescents.mp4
PCC845 Using Contraception for Menstrual Disorders Throughout the Reproductive Life Cycle.mp4
PCD115 Patient Centered Counseling and Informed Consent.mp4
PCD200 Difficult Placements.mp4
PCD245 Pain Prevention and Management.mp4
PCD315 Responding to IUD Complaints and Side Effects.mp4
PCD345 IUD Complications Prevention and Management.mp4
PCD445 Efficient Practice for Same Day Placement of IUDs.mp4
PCD500 Coding and Reimbursement.mp4
PCE115 Contraceptive Hormonal Risks and Side Effects What are the Facts.mp4
PCE200 What Can We Do About Abnormal Bleeding Patterns with CHCs and Progestin Only Methods.mp4
PCE300 Rapid Review of the Generations of Progestin Their Properties Their Promises and Their Problems.mp4
PCE345 How Do You Choose What Pill to Start Her on and What Pill to Change Her to.mp4
PCE445 What About the Side Effects With Other Hormonal Methods.mp4
SAT1030 The Emperor Has No Clothes Unintended Pregnancy and Adverse Health Impacts.mp4
SAT1115 Not Just Birth Control Hormonal treatments for Acne Bleeding Cancer and More.mp4
SAT1145 Plan C Ensuring That Your Plan B Works.mp4
SAT800 Too New to Include Late Breakers on Innovation in Reproductive Health.mp4
SAT900 Who Needs Estrogen An Update on Progestin Only Contraception.mp4
SAT945 Pregnancy Prevention and Family Building for Transgender and Gender Expansive Persons.mp4
THU1030 Reproductive Health Policy in 2018 What is Changed What Has not.mp4
THU1100 Clinical Tools to Facilitate Contraceptive Satisfaction and Continuation.mp4
THU1130 Designing Contraceptive Clinics that Work for Teens.mp4
THU130 Clinical Pearls from Challenging Cases.mp4
THU330 PCOS An Evolving Concept.mp4
THU400 Sexual Desire Definitions Treatments Controversies.mp4
THU815 Dr Felicia H Stewart Memorial Keynote 52 Years of Family Planning.mp4
THU845 How to Stop the Flooding Enough Already.mp4
THU915 Hot Topics in STDs.mp4


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