Canadian Physiotherapy Association Virtual Summit 2020

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‘+ Include: 22 videos, size: 2.84 GB

+ Target Audience: palliative physician


+ Include: 22 videos, size: 2.84 GB

+ Target Audience: palliative physician

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

Acupuncture Advanced Acupuncture for Physiotherapists – An Introduction to Fascia-Energy Technique for Immediate Pain Relief.mp4
Adapting, Implementing, and Evaluating a Patient-Oriented Discharge Summary to Support Rehabilitation Transitions in Care for Complex Clients.mp4
Advocacy Canada’s Health Care System Reset – Lessons Learned & Actions Needed Following COVID-19.mp4
Animal Rehabilitation Assessment of the Canine Patient.mp4
Cardiorespiratory COVID-19 and the Future of Research.mp4
Diversity and Inclusion Exploration and Discussion of What Diversity Means in Today’s Physiotherapy Practice to Students in the Profession.mp4
Global Health Best Practices in Optimizing the Mental Health of Humanitarian Physiotherapists.mp4
Insurance You Are Not Alone – Navigating a College Complaint.mp4
Keynote Address Empathy is the #1 Job Skill – The Future of Work and Learning with Ilana Ben-Ari, Twenty One Toys.mp4
Keynote Address Physiotherapy Leadership and Resilience in COVID-19 with Dr. Michelle Kho, McMaster University.mp4
Leadership Elevating Your Leadership – Developing and Implementing Your Career Strategy.mp4
Minister of Health, The Honourable Patty Hajdu.mp4
Oncology The Exercise Oncology Knowledge Mobilization Initiative – Identifying Key Research and Clinical Priorities to Promote Exercise for Cancer Survivors.mp4
Orthopaedic Personalized BFR Training – The Safety, Mechanisms, and Clinical Application to This Novel Exercise Intervention to Enhance Strength, Hypertrophy, and Endurance in Young.mp4
Paediatric The Certain Uncertainty – Managing Pain in the Adolescent Athlete Through Neuroscience Pain Education.mp4
Pain Science Community-Based Interventions for People with Chronic Pain – Current Initiatives, Patient Preferences, and Future Steps for Physiotherapists.mp4
Physitrack Lunch Session Advanced Technology & Mobile Apps for Everyday Patient Management.mp4
President’s Welcome and Enid Graham Lecture What’s Past is Prologue – Visioning the Next 100 Years of Physiotherapy in Canada and Beyond with Dr. Michel Landry, Duke University.mp4
President’s Welcome and Opening Keynote with Dr. Emma Stokes, World Physiotherapy.mp4
Private Practice State of Private Physiotherapy – How We Stay Competitive and What is Our Profession Going to Look Like in 20 Years.mp4
Seniors’ Health Assessing Mobility and Safety of People With Dementia Using Mobility Aids to Prevent Falls.mp4
Sport The Effects of Sub-Concussive Impacts on University Hockey Players.mp4


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