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European Society for Medical Oncology Virtual Preceptorship on Breast Cancer 2020

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American Transplant Congress Annual Meeting 2019

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American Society of Transplantation Fellows Symposium on Transplantation 2019

30 $

+ Include: 25 videos, size: 2.58 GB

+ Target Audience: surgerist, transplant physician

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+ Include: 25 videos, size: 2.58 GB

+ Target Audience: surgerist, transplant physician

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

General01 – Welcome Introductions.mp4
General02 – Introduction to the AST.mp4
General03 – Epidemiology of Organ Donation Current Status and Challenges.mp4
General04 – Living Donor Issues.mp4
General05 – Q A Living Donation Controversies.mp4
General06 – Ischemia Reperfusion Injury.mp4
General07 – Deceased Donor Management and Organ Preservation Who does it best Kidney Preservation.mp4
General08 – Public Health Sevice (PHS) Increased Risk and HCV Positive Donors.mp4
General09 – Overview of Current Allocation by Organ – How Can We Increase Deceased Donor Utilization.mp4
General10 – Overview of the Immune Response to Transplants and Immunosuppressive Targets.mp4
General11 – Key Clinical Trials That Define Current Immunosuppressive Strategies.mp4
General12 – Key Clinical Trials in Heart, Lung, and Liver.mp4
General13 – New Immunosuppressive Agents What is Promising, Why Have Others Failed.mp4
General14 – Challenging Cases to Manage Immunosuppression.mp4
General15 – What are the Next Steps The Future of Transplant Immunosuppression.mp4
General16 – Clinical Pearls in Infectious Disease Post-Transplantation.mp4
General17 – How to Write a Career Development Award.mp4
General18 – UNOS How to Get Involved in Policy Making, Current Hot Topics.mp4
General19 – Opportunities in Big Data Research SRTR and Beyond.mp4
General20 – How Does Donor Reactive Antibody Cause Graft Injury.mp4
General21 – HLA Typing and Detection of Sensitized Patients.mp4
General22 – Histopathologic Features of Antibody-Mediated Rejection.mp4
General23 – Non-Adherence and Potential Interventions.mp4
General24 – Transplant Trivia.mp4
General25 – Final Comments.mp4


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