American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting on Demand 2019

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‘+ Include: 357 videos, size: 78.3 GB

+ Target Audience: psychiatrists, psychiatry residents

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+ Include: 357 videos, size: 78.3 GB

+ Target Audience: psychiatrists, psychiatry residents

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

A Baby With a Brain and a Caregiver Infant Mental Health Training in High-Risk Populations.mp4
A Basic Income Promises and Perils for People With a Psychiatric Disability.mp4
A Blueprint for Providing Free, Comprehensive, Integrated Adolescent Health, Transgender Services and Mental Health Care in NYC for 1,000 Per Patient.mp4
A Comprehensive Framework for the Office Evaluation of the Neurocognitive Disorders.mp4
A History of Protests at the APA Dissent, Progress, and Accountability Within Psychiatry.mp4
A Suicide-Specific Diagnosis.mp4
A Systematic Approach to Developing Mental Health Programs for the Workplace.mp4
A Tour of the Community.mp4
Academic Psychiatrist Seeks Community Mental Health Clinic for Long-Term Relationship.mp4
Accelerated Biological Aging in Psychiatric Patients New Advances and Clinical Implications.mp4
Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)-Based Intervention in the Treatment of Acute Stress Reactions During Deployed Military Operations.mp4
Access, Privacy, and Utility of Historical Psychiatric Records Central Lunatic Asylum for Colored Insane.mp4
According to Stephen Hawking, We Live in the Century of Complexity Effectively Addressing Complexity in Clinical Care and Teaching.mp4
Actions Speak Louder Than Words Understanding What Can_t Be Said in Patients With Intellectual Disability and Traumatic Brain Injury.mp4
Actuallyborderline What Psychiatrists Can Learn From Social Media Posts of Individuals With Self-Identified Borderline Personality Disorder.mp4
Adapting Treatment Approaches for Borderline Personality Disorder to Narcissistic Personality Disorder Is It Good Enough.mp4
Adaptogenic Herbs A Promising Adjunctive Treatment in Psychiatric Practice.mp4
Add “Pop” to Your Presentations! Innovative Use of Video Clips to Revitalize Your Lecture.mp4
Addictive Substances and Sleep How Alcohol, Opioids, and Cannabis Impact Sleep.mp4
Adding Flexibility to Your Practice It_s Not a Stretch! Understanding Yoga for Depression.mp4
Addressing Microaggressions Toward Sexual and Gender Minorities Caring for LGBTQ+ Patients and Providers.mp4
Addressing the Opioid Epidemic A Public Health Approach.mp4
Adopting the Military for a Re-Parenting Experience Psychosocial Development While Serving in the Armed Services.mp4
Advanced Telepsychiatry Case Dilemmas Roundtable Navigating Common and Complex Challenges in Clinical Telepsychiatry.mp4
Advances in Psychodynamic Psychiatry.mp4
Advances in the Understanding and Treatment of Treatment-Resistant Depression.mp4
Advancing Inclusive Excellence Through Cultural Competence.mp4
Advocacy 101 Your Road Map to Getting Involved in State Legislative Advocacy.mp4
Advocacy and Practice Recommendations for Navigating Systems of Care for Young Adults and Families Impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder.mp4
Advocating for Advocacy Bringing Advocacy Into Resident Education.mp4
Air Pollution and the Brain Impacts Across the Lifespan.mp4
American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Update on Childhood Psychiatric Disorders Part 1.mp4
American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian Mental Health The Issues, the History, the Status.mp4
American Psychiatric Association and Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology History and Future Visions for Collaboration.mp4
Anatomy of a Lawsuit.mp4
APA in Action How Advocacy Can Positively Impact Your Practice and Your Patients.mp4
Applying Emerging Digital Health Technologies to Address Equity, Mental Health and Substance Use Disparities for Vulnerable Adolescent Populations.mp4
Appropriate Use of Benzodiazepines in Special Populations.mp4
Are We Zombies Exploring the Modern Metaphor for Consumerism, Contagion, and Mindless Absorption in Electronic Media.mp4
Asian-American Mental Health Treatment and Engagement An Update on Challenges and Opportunities.mp4
Assessing and Managing the Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia.mp4
Assessing Leadership Opportunities A Workshop for Residents, Fellows, and Early Career Psychiatrists.mp4
At the Crossroads Psychiatry and Human Rights.mp4
Autism Spectrum Disorder Essentials of Cutting-Edge and Evidence-Based Treatments.mp4
Be in the Room Where It Happens Engage Congress and Become a Powerful Advocate.mp4
Before, During, and After the Suicidal Moment Stress, Suicide, and Community Intervention.mp4
Being Well Building Resilience in Women Psychiatrists.mp4
Bent-Nail Research.mp4
Better Care and Evidence-Based Treatment An Introduction to the Clinical Support System for Serious Mental Illness.mp4
Beyond Recognition to Prevention Integrating Techniques to Reduce Risk Measures on Quality Evidence-Based Metrics Into Acute Care Practice.mp4
Beyond the Initial Successful Treatment of Anxiety Disorders With Antidepressants Evidence and Pitfalls for Clinical Practice.mp4
Binge Eating in Bipolar Disorder A Clinically Severe Phenotype With Important Treatment Implications.mp4
Black Minds Matter The Impact of #BlackLivesMatter on Psychiatry.mp4
Black Psychiatrists and Their Community Commitment.mp4
Brain Changers Integration and Differentiation of PTSD and TBI in Clinical and Disability Evaluations.mp4
Brain Drain What Is Psychiatrists Workforce Migration and What Can We Do About It.mp4
Building Telepsychiatry and Technology Competencies Into Practice and Training.mp4
Burnout and Depression Different Challenges to Physician Health.mp4
Burnout Doctors and Lawyers and Other Professionals Oh My.mp4
Can Research on Childhood Trauma Revitalize Psychiatry How Disrupting Diagnosis May Enhance Patient Engagement and Lead to Innovative Practices.mp4
Caring for Veterans.mp4
Catch Me If You Can Catatonia in General Medical Settings.mp4
Catching the Ticking Time Bomb Novel Means of Assessing Imminent Suicide Risk.mp4
CBT for Suicidal Behavior.mp4
Children of Psychiatrists.mp4
Choosing the Right Treatment for Substance Use Disorders.mp4
Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Challenges for Psychiatry.mp4
Climate Change and Mental Health Lessons Learned in Puerto Rico.mp4
Clinical and Neural Correlates of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Response to Glutamate Modulating Agent.mp4
Clinical Updates in Geriatric Psychiatry for the Practicing Psychiatrist.mp4
Clozapine Management in Medically Complex SMI Population Perspectives on Coordination of Care.mp4
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Older Adults.mp4
Collaborative Care for Serious Comorbid Medical and Psychiatric Illness Lessons on Integration From the HIV Epidemic.mp4
Communicating Through Brains Measuring and Modulating Brain Network Communication for Diagnosis and Treatment.mp4
Community Activism Narratives in Organized Medicine Homosexuality, Mental Health, Social Justice, and the American Psychiatric Association.mp4
Complex Decisional Capacity Assessments From Disposition, to Organ Donation, and Death.mp4
Comprehensive Psychiatric Care of the Transgender Patient.mp4
Computer-Assisted Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Mobile Apps for Depression.mp4
Crazy (Not Always Rich) Asians The Impact of Culture on Mental Health Needs and Care Utilization.mp4
Creating a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion in the Clinical Learning Environment.mp4
Creating Impact at the District Branch Level Lessons Learned From Illinois.mp4
Crossing the Psychiatric Quality Chasm From Different Angles Perspectives for Administration, Education, and Clinical Practice.mp4
Culture, Diversity, and Older Adult Mental Health.mp4
Danger and Duty The Clinician_s Dilemma in Duty to Protect Cases.mp4
Developing a Global Mental Health Program for Psychiatry Departments.mp4
Developing Psychiatric Drugs Can We Do Better.mp4
Diagnostic Categories or Dimensions How Studying the Neural and Genetic Bases of Dimensional Traits Can Help Us Find New Treatments.mp4
Diagnostic Errors in Psychiatry and Corrective Strategies.mp4
Difficult Clinical Decisions in Electroconvulsive Therapy Practice.mp4
Digital Psychiatry Vaporware or Visionary A Dialogue on the Data Behind the Technology.mp4
Disrupting the Cycle of HIV Transmission The Role of Mental Health Providers in the Inclusive Use of PrEP to Address Disparities.mp4
Disrupting the Status Quo Addressing Racism in Medical Education and Residency Training.mp4
Disrupting the Status Quo Intensive Mobile Treatment Teams, an Innovative Model for Engagement.mp4
Disruptive Psychiatry Innovation, Administration, and Leadership.mp4
Diversifying Our Understanding of ADHD Beyond Stimulants and School Challenges.mp4
Dont Fail to Fail Strategies for Clear Communication With the Learner in Difficulty.mp4
Drawing on Your Resilience to Prevent Burnout and Remain Engaged.mp4
Dream-A-World Cultural Therapy and Cultural Resiliency Multimodal Primary Prevention Mental Health Interventions in High-Risk Primary School Childre.mp4
Duties of Creating Options for Veterans Expedited Recovery (COVER) Commission Evidence-Based Care and Complementary and Integrative Health.mp4
Effective CBT With Youth Keeping the “Pro” in Procedures.mp4
Effective Implementation of Integrated Care The Secret Sauce.mp4
Effects of Medicalization of Death Penalty on Physician Practice Review of Current State Laws, Ethical Guidelines, and Death Penalty Litigations.mp4
Electronic Health Record Adoption in Psychiatric Settings Lessons From the Field.mp4
Emerging Roles of C-L Psychiatrists Addressing Interdisciplinary Care Transitions for the Medically Complex Patient.mp4
Emerging Treatment Strategies for Mood and Anxiety Disorders.mp4
Empowering Providers to Successfully Treat Patients Without Homes.mp4
Empowering Trainees to Engage in Scholarly Work and Leadership Role.mp4
Enhancing Clinical Skills in the Assessment and Management of Patients Suffering From Conversion Disorder.mp4
Enhancing Proactive, Patient-Centered, Team-Based Care Through Innovative Design.mp4
Environmental Factors in Adolescent Development Emerging Findings From the ABCD Study.mp4
Establishing a Required Mental Health Integration Rotation Challenges and Opportunities in Training Our Next Generation of Psychiatrists.mp4
Ethical and Legal Issues in the Management of High Risk Patients in College.mp4
Ethical Issues and Capacity Assessments in Obstetrical Patients.mp4
Ethics Dilemmas in Psychiatric Practice.mp4
Excellence in Mental Health Advocacy Case Studies in the Nongovernmental, Federal, and Legislative Arena.mp4
Facing the Challenges of Misuse and Abuse of Stimulant Medications for ADHD From Neurobiology to Clinical Care.mp4
Fact, Fiction, or Fraud Clinical Documentation in Electronic Health Record Systems.mp4
Fake Views Comparing the Royal College of Psychiatrists_ Policy Development With the APA-Is There a Special Relationship.mp4
Financing Integrated Care The Major Obstacle to Widespread Implementation.mp4
Finding a Better Rosetta Stone to Translate Research Into Practice Innovative Ideas for Dissemination and Training.mp4
Finding Your Match The Process of Obtaining Residency Positions.mp4
Focus Live Complementary and Integrative Medicine.mp4
Focus Live Emerging Therapies in Psychiatry.mp4
Forgotten No More Intellectual and Developmental Disability Psychiatry Update.mp4
French and U.S. Innovations in Cognitive Remediation.mp4
French and U.S. Innovations in Vocational Rehabilitation.mp4
From Access to Excellence Creating a Culture of Care Through Telepsychiatry in Community Mental Health Settings.mp4
From Arrest to Recovery Reviewing the Continuum of Correctional Behavioral Health and Diversion in San Francisco.mp4
From Confinement to Chemicals What We Can Learn From Following the Management of Agitation Through History.mp4
From Genetics to Stress Response to Treatment of Personality Disorders.mp4
From Preconception to Parenthood Ethical Considerations in the Psychiatrically Ill Pregnant Woman.mp4
From Stonewall to Tomorrow Drawing on LGBTQ+ History to Improve Your Practice.mp4
Frontiers in Advocacy Creative Ways to Lead Meaningful Change in Psychiatry.mp4
Functional Neurological Disorders-We_re Virtually There A Discussion on Neuroscience, Delivering Diagnosis and Virtual Reality Treatment.mp4
Gender Bias in Academic Psychiatry in the Era of the #MeToo Movement.mp4
Geriatric Forensic Psychiatry Development and Content.mp4
Ghosts in the Office Historical and Contemporary Structural Considerations in Black Mental Health.mp4
Global Partnerships for Mental Health Building Relationships and Capacity in Low-Income Settings.mp4
Gun Violence Is a Serious Public Health Problem Among America_s Adolescents and Emerging Adults What Should Psychiatrists Know and Do About It.mp4
Gymnasts, Musicians, Altar Boys After 50 Years of Child Abuse Laws, What_s Missing.mp4
Hands-on With Smartphone Apps for Serious Mental Illness An Interactive Tutorial for Selecting, Downloading, Discussing, and Engaging With Apps.mp4
Have Your Cake and Eat It Too Institutional Approaches to Managing Patients With Anorexia Nevosa.mp4
Health Promotion in the Military Engaging Communities to Promote Behavioral Health.mp4
High-Functioning Professionals With Neurocognitive Disorders Fitness for Duty and Ethics Considerations.mp4
Highs and Lows Clinical Pearls and Lessons Learned in the Outpatient Management of Geriatric Bipolar Disorder.mp4
History of HIV Psychiatry Psychiatric Response to the Epidemic.mp4
History, Aging, Discrimination and Impairment.mp4
HIV Stigma and Discrimination Impact on Patients, Orphans, Families, and Prevention.mp4
Holistic Management of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.mp4
Homeless Community Outreach An Essential and Disruptive Practice.mp4
How Do I Prescribe Exercise for Depression.mp4
How Private Insurance Fails Those With Mental Illness The Case for Single Payer Health Care.mp4
How Psychiatrists Can Address Trafficking.mp4
How We Live Now The State of LGBTQ Mental Health in the Current Political Times.mp4
If You Build It They Will Come Enticing Medical Students to Enter Psychiatry.mp4
Imagining Innovation Creativity and Convergence in Psychiatry.mp4
Imams in Mental Health Caring for Themselves While Caring for Others.mp4
Impact of Marijuana on Opioid Use and Pain A Translational Overview.mp4
Implementing an Educational Trauma-Centered Specialty Clinic in an Academic Setting From a SAFE Healing Project to an Engaging RESTART Program.mp4
Implications and Challenges From Marijuana_s Evolving Legal Status and Access for Adolescents and Emerging Adults.mp4
Implications of Understanding the Mechanism of Action of Ketamine.mp4
Improving Patient Safety on Inpatient Units and the Impact of Recent Changes in Survey Standards by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.mp4
Inequity by Structural Design Psychiatrists Responsibility to Be Informed Advocates for Systemic Education and Criminal Justice Reform.mp4
Innovative Approaches to Engaging and Advising Tomorrows Psychiatrists.mp4
Innovative Approaches to the Opioid Epidemic.mp4
Innovative Strategies to Address the Underutilization of Clozapine.mp4
Innovative Tools for Population Neuroscience in the Age of Big Data.mp4
Innovative Treatments of Persons With ID and PsychiatricBehavioral Disorders Point Versus Counterpoint.mp4
Integrating Addiction Treatment Into Primary Care Opportunities for Psychiatrists.mp4
Integrating Social Determinants of Health Into the Collaborative Care Model.mp4
Interactions Between Neurobiological, Genetic and Environmental Factors of Vulnerability in the Development of Depression and Anxiety Disorders.mp4
Intergenerational Transmission of Anxiety From Genotype to Phenotype to Treatment.mp4
International Medical Graduates and a Successful Career as a Psychiatrist in the United States.mp4
Interventions to Address Opioid Addiction.mp4
Intimate Partner Violence and Mental Health Lessons from a Model of Integrated Care.mp4
Is It Burnout, or Is It Arson The Impact of Organizational Culture on Physician Well-Being.mp4
Is There a Doctor on Board Getting You Prepared for the Most Common Medical and Psychiatric Emergencies on Commercial Airlines.mp4
It Takes a Village Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Use of Clozapine in Patients With Persistent Psychosis.mp4
I_m Facing 87 Years Group Therapy in Juvenile Detention.mp4
La Atenci¢n Plena Teaching Mindfulness in Spanish to a Low-Income Minority Population.mp4
LatinoHispanic Women and Mental Health Current Issues and Reason for Hope.mp4
Latinos in 2019.mp4
Leadership in Psychiatry Conflict Management, Communications, and Negotiations.mp4
Lets Talk How to Engage Female Patients in Family Planning in Outpatient Psychiatric Settings.mp4
Leveraging Technology in Psychotraumatology.mp4
Lifestyle Psychiatry.mp4
Lights, Camera, Action Using Improvisation and Action to Enhance Social Communication and Perspective Taking in Individuals on the Autistic Spectrum.mp4
Lithium and Mood Stabilizing Anticonvulsants in Bipolar Disorder Clinical Pearls and Biomarker Diamonds in the Rough.mp4
Making a Parody of Parity An Annual Update on the Continuing Struggle for Equitable Mental Health Care Coverage in the U.S..mp4
Management of Psychiatric Illness During Pregnancy and Postpartum What Every Psychiatrist Needs to Know.mp4
Managing Complex Co-Occurring Disorders Like an Addiction Expert Applying Current Research and Treatment Resources.mp4
Managing Criminal Confessions.mp4
Managing Transgender Patients With Co-Occurring Psychiatric Illness Through the Surgical Process A Discussion With Surgeons on Multidisciplinary Care.mp4
Mass Shootings and the Burden on Psychiatry.mp4
Medical Assistance in Dying The Canadian Experience With Physician-Assisted Death.mp4
Medical Cannabis What Every Psychiatrist Should Know.mp4
Medical Conditions Mimicking Psychiatric Disorders Versus Psychiatric Disorders Mimicking Medical Conditions Diagnostic and Treatment Challenges.mp4
Medical Marijuana for Psychiatric Disorders Is It High Time or Half-Baked.mp4
Medication-Assisted Treatment and Behavioral Strategies to Treat Adolescents and Young Adults With Substance Use and Related Disorders.mp4
Meet the Author Clinical Handbook for the Evaluation and Treatment of Pediatric Mood Disorders.mp4
Mental Health Providers_ Primer Regarding Terminology, Lessons, and Resources on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression.mp4
Mental Health Status of African Americans Challenges and Opportunities.mp4
Men_s Mental Health and the Role of Testosterone in Psychiatric Practice.mp4
MeToo in Psychiatry Training Managing Sexual Harassment From Patients.mp4
Millenials and Baby Boomers Appreciating Generational Differences in Leadership, Education, and Psychiatric Care.mp4
Mindfully Addressing the Opioid Epidemic Is Pain a Sensation or a Thought.mp4
Minimizing Risk in Psychiatry.mp4
Moral Injury A Call for a More Social Psychiatry.mp4
Moral Injury, Suicide Risk, and the Role of ReligionSpirituality in Recovery.mp4
More Vulnerable Than We Realize Lessons From Psychiatrists Who Were Stalked.mp4
Multilevel Engagement of Psychiatric Residents in an Innovative Jail Diversion and Reentry Program.mp4
My Personal and Professional Journey Through Autism Update on Autism Treatment Through the Lifespan.mp4
Myths and Facts About Medical Clearance of Psychiatric Patients in the Emergency Department.mp4
Navigating the Quagmire of the Workers_ Compensation System.mp4
Neuroscience-Informed Precision Psychiatry.mp4
New Guideline Recommendations for Strengthening Psychiatric Practice.mp4
New Onset Psychosis What Trainees, Residents and Early Career Psychiatrists Should Know.mp4
No Blacks, Fats, or Femmes Stereotyping in the Gay Community and Issues of Racism, Body Image, and Masculinity.mp4
No One Trick Pony Adapting Integrated Care in Diverse Primary Care Settings.mp4
Ohm Versus Om Resistance to and Efficacy of Various Meditation Modalities in the Military.mp4
On the Future of Psychotherapy Research.mp4
Opioids, Depression and Suicide A Deadly Trio.mp4
Organized Medicine and Mental Illness The Early History in the U.S..mp4
Our Shared Responsibility Helping Young Women and Men Overcome Adversity.mp4
Overview of the Neurophysiology and Psychiatric Treatment of Stuttering.mp4
Paradise Lost The Neurobiology of Child Abuse and Neglect.mp4
Patient Suicide in Residency Training The Ripple Effect.mp4
Pediatric Integrated Care The Big Picture and Practical Nuts and Bolts.mp4
Peripartum, Gynecologic, and Primary Care for Women With Serious Mental Illness New Initiatives and Challenges.mp4
Personality Disorder Patients Overwhelm Me! Using Transference-Focused Psychotherapy (TFP) Principles as a Practical Risk Management Strategy.mp4
Perspective Matters Engaging in Inclusive Recovery in Serious Mental Illness.mp4
Pharmacogenetics for Personalized Psychiatry Pipe Dream or Paradigm Shift.mp4
Physically Self-Destructive Acts in Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults With Borderline Psychopathology.mp4
Physician Health Programs (PHPs) Battling Burnout, Combating Stigma, and Empowering Physicians to Be Great Again.mp4
Physician Mental Health and Cognition Across the Lifespan.mp4
Physician Psychiatrists Serving the Underserved Through the Medical Review of Systems and the Physical Exam.mp4
Physician Suicide Cases and Commentaries.mp4
Pioneering Projects Within the Field of Emergency Psychiatry.mp4
Planetary Health Can We Heal and Sustain a Good Enough Mother Earth.mp4
Policing and Mental Health How Can Psychiatrists Help.mp4
Positive Psychiatry in Non-Clinical Settings Education and Coaching.mp4
Practical Strategies in Geriatric Mental Health Cases and Approaches.mp4
Prescribing Medication for Opioid Use Disorder Through Telepsychiatry An Innovative Approach to Expand Treatment.mp4
Preventing Suicide in the CL Service.mp4
Proactive Versus Reactive Consultation-Liaison Services in Medicine and Pediatrics.mp4
Promoting Mental Health of Medical Students, Residents, and Faculty How Do the Institutional Aspects Impact the Health of an Academic Environment.mp4
Psychiatric Services Gold Star Symposium My Smartphone Can Do What! Mobile Health and the Future of Care for People With Serious Mental Illness.mp4
Psychiatrists and Law Enforcement Agencies When Do We Really Have to Tell on Our Patients.mp4
Psychiatrists_ Views on Self-Disclosure of Mental Illness Symposium Data on When, Why and How to Disclose.mp4
Psychiatry 1944-2019-Advancing Diagnosis, Treatment, and Education-APA and the Profession-040.mp4
Psychiatry in the City of Quartz Notes on the Clinical Ethnography of Severe Mental Illness and Social Inequality.mp4
Psychiatry in the Era of Quantum Biology.mp4
Psychiatry Seat at the Table of Organized Medicine.mp4
Psychiatry Side Gigs How and Why Psychiatrists Are Supplementing Their Income.mp4
Psychiatrys Role in Understanding Current U.S. Political Polarization.mp4
Psychopharmacology Algorithm for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.mp4
Psychopharmacology and Ethnicity.mp4
Psychopharmacology and Sleep A Review of Psychiatric Medications and Their Effects on Sleep Physiology.mp4
Psychopharmacology in the Medically Ill.mp4
Psychosurgery in the 21st Century Evidence-Based or Biased.mp4
PTSD at Our Nation_s Trauma Centers A Problem That Can No Longer Be Ignored.mp4
Quality Measurement With PsychPRO MIPS and Beyond.mp4
Quelling Obsessive Thoughts OCD Medication, Therapy and Brain Stimulation Advances.mp4
Racism and Psychiatry Understanding Context and Developing Policies for Undoing Structural Racism.mp4
Racism and the War on Terror Implications for Mental Health Providers in the United States.mp4
Reason for Hope or Despair Effective Help for Families of Those With Borderline Personality Disorder.mp4
Recipe for Disaster Helping Communities Heal Through Man-Made and Natural Disasters.mp4
Redesigning Psychiatry Innovative Models of Mental Health System Change.mp4
Reducing Health Care Disparities Through Careers in Public Service Lessons From Four Educational Tracks in PublicCommunity Psychiatry.mp4
Reducing Health Disparities Through Measurement-Based Care Opportunities to Improve Outcomes in Serious Mental Illness.mp4
Reducing the Risk of Workplace Violence An Innovative Resident Safety Training Course.mp4
Research With Terrorists Ethical Considerations.mp4
Resources From the Higher Education Mental Health Alliance (HEMHA) Telemental Health on College Campuses.mp4
Responding to the Impact of Suicide on Clinicians.mp4
Revitalize Family Psychiatry Include, Engage, and Innovate Addressing the Needs of Changing Population and Health Delivery Systems.mp4
Revitalize Sleep Prescriptions Sleep as Adjunctive Mood and Anxiety Treatment.mp4
Revitalizing Psychiatry Through Engaging With Innovation to Increase Access and Inclusion With Care.mp4
Revitalizing Psychiatry-and Our World-With a Social Lens.mp4
Risk Management and Legal Considerations Can I Communicate With My Patient_s Loved One.mp4
Road Map to Address Health Disparities of U.S. Bipolar Patients of African Ancestry.mp4
Scaling Behavioral Health Integration One Academic Health Care System_s Approach.mp4
Science of Wisdom.mp4
Sex, Drugs, and Culturally-Responsive Treatment Addressing Substance Use Disorders in the Context of Sexual and Gender Diversity.mp4
Shaping the Future of Psychiatry Through Research and the Delivery of Care.mp4
Shining a Light on Military Sexual Trauma.mp4
Some Observations on Fifteen Years of Pharmacogenetic Research on Antidepressants.mp4
Stepped Care as a Model for the Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder.mp4
Successfully Addressing Weight Gain in Patients With Serious Mental Illness.mp4
Suicide Risk Assessment in the Emergency Room When Is Involuntary Admission Helpful.mp4
Sustainable Psychiatry Solutions for Healthier Minds, Stronger Systems and Lower Emissions.mp4
Tardive Dyskinesia A Primer for Resident Physicians Diagnosis, Epidemiology, Etiology, Neurobiology, and Treatment.mp4
Team-Based, Measured Care in CMHC Environment Lessons Learned From Integrated Care in Primary Care Settings.mp4
Telepsychiatry From Concept to Implementation.mp4
Telepsychiatry to Achieve the Triple Aim.mp4
Test Your Knowledge Psychiatry Quiz Game Round 2.mp4
The 175-Year History of African Americans in Psychiatry.mp4
The Argument for Suicide-Specific Diagnoses in the DSM.mp4
The Behavioral Education and Support Team A Collaborative Multidisciplinary BEST Practice for Behavioral Dyscontrol.mp4
The Challenges of Treating Obesity and Comorbid Binge Eating.mp4
The Changes, Challenges, and Conquests of CPT Coding in 2019.mp4
The Dawn of the Modern Era Reforms in Care and Treatment (1844-1944)-042.mp4
The Fundamentals of Mentalizing-Based Therapy for Personality Disorders.mp4
The History of American Psychiatry and of Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT).mp4
The Impact of Technology Change on Human Behavior (and How to Evaluate It in Clinical Practice).mp4
The Importance of Psychiatric Pharmaceutical Supply Chains in Disasters.mp4
The International Medical Graduate in U.S. Psychiatry Adversity, Advocacy, and Advancement.mp4
The Melancholy of the Lincolns What We Can Learn About the History of Psychiatry Through the Cases of the President and His Wife.mp4
The Military Deployment Formulary Medication Management and Resupply Through Changing Battlefields.mp4
The Multiple Faces of Deportation Being a Solution to the Challenges Faced by Asylum Seekers, Mixed Status Families, and Dreamers.mp4
The National Neuroscience Curriculum Initiative (NNCI) Preparing for the Future of Psychiatry.mp4
The New Field on the Block Palliative Care Psychiatry.mp4
The Power of Technology to Enhance Collaborative Care Programs Addressing Implementation Challenges.mp4
The Prescription for Wellness Positive Psychiatry Interventions.mp4
The RCPsych GatsbyWellcome Neuroscience Project How to Interest and Engage Clinicians in Neuroscience.mp4
The Role of Family Dynamics and Family Work in Chronic Medical and Psychiatric Illness in Children and Adolescents.mp4
The Role of Psychiatric Consultation in Patients Seeking Physician Assisted Suicide Legal, Ethical, Practical, and Psychodynamic Perspectives.mp4
The South African Society of Psychiatrists (SASOP) and American Psychiatric Association (APA) Relations and Roles.mp4
The Wrinkling Face of the Opioid Epidemic Challenges to Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorders in Older Adults.mp4
To Capacity and Beyond! The Art of Navigating Challenging Consults for Assessment of Decisional Capacity.mp4
To Treat or Not to Treat ADHD in College Populations – Diagnosing and Dosing in an Era of Diversion.mp4
To Treat or Not to Treat Is That the Question The Evaluation and Treatment of Mood Disorders in Case Examples of Pregnant Women.mp4
To Write or Not to Write Ethical Issues for Clinician Writers.mp4
Training the Next Generation of Community Psychiatrists Science and Recovery.mp4
Transcend Lessons Learned From a Career With Twists and Turns With a Single Focus on Unmet Needs Across Industries.mp4
Transition of Psychiatric Practice to the Total Health (MedicalPediatric) Setting.mp4
Transitioning From Methadone to Buprenorphine at an Urban Opioid Treatment Program.mp4
Trauma Inflicted to Immigrant Children and Parents Through Policy of Forced Family Separation.mp4
Treating Anxiety and Traumatic Stress-Related Disorders With MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy Evidence and Insights.mp4
Treating Heroes Reaching Out to Our Hurricane and Disaster Responders.mp4
Treating Opioid Use Disorder What Every Psychiatrist Should Know.mp4
Trends in Pediatric Emergency Psychiatry Barriers and Management Approaches.mp4
Typical or Troubled Program Update and Further Development Discussion.mp4
Unscripting Using Improvisational Theater to Move Beyond Personal Limitations.mp4
Updates in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Mood Disorders, ADHD, and Psychosomatic Considerations.mp4
Using Biological Measures to Reclassify Major Mental Illness.mp4
Using CBT for Psychosis in Your Clinical Practice.mp4
Using Inflammation to Personalize Antidepressant Therapy.mp4
Using Newer Technologies to Enhance Psychiatric Care and Patient Engagement.mp4
Using Stem Cell Models to Study Psychiatric Conditions Update on Gene Editing Tools, Single Cell Transcriptomics, and Drug Responsiveness.mp4
Utilization of Medications for Opioid Use Disorder Treatment in Justice Populations.mp4
Violence Motivated by Cultural Identity How Social Neuroscience Can Contribute to Strategies for Intervention.mp4
Vulnerable Moms, Vulnerable Babies Diversity-Informed Approaches to Perinatal and Infant Mental Health.mp4
Wellness Isn_t Working NYC Residents_ Perspective on the Crisis That Is Killing Us and What We Can Do About It.mp4
What Does Precision Medicine Promise for Psychiatric Treatment.mp4
What Every Psychiatrist Should Know About HIV.mp4
What We Know and Dont Know About Asian-American Mental Health.mp4
When Do I Need to Obtain an ECG The Practical Whats, Whens, and Whys of ECGs in Psychiatric Practice.mp4
When Public Policy Becomes Child Maltreatment Mental Health, Social Justice, and the Lasting Trauma of Migrant Family Separation and Loss.mp4
Who_s in Charge Medications for Addiction Treatment and the Criminal Justice System.mp4
Why Are We Still Waiting Resistance to Prevention and Promotion With Mental Health Issues.mp4
Why Do House Staff Sometimes Act Like Borderlines Or Momma Never Said There Would Be Days Like This!.mp4
Why Is My Career Stuck Successful Career Planning for Women.mp4
Will My Patient Be the Next Mass Shooter Mastering Risk Assessment and Minimizing Liability.mp4
Women and Psychiatry Past, Present, and Future.mp4
Women in Medicine Challenges, Leadership, and Systemic Issues.mp4
Womens Health in the U.S. Disruption and Exclusion in the Time of Trump.mp4
Yes Theres an App for That-but What Do Clinicians Need to Know.mp4


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