American Neurological Association 146th Annual Meeting 2021

10 $

‘+ Include: 70 videos + 1 pdf, size: 21.1 GB

+ Target Audience: neurologist


+ Include: 70 videos + 1 pdf, size: 21.1 GB

+ Target Audience: neurologist

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

A Good Recovery – Under-Recognized Deficits Significantly Impact Functional Outcomes Post-Stroke.mp4
ABPN Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program Session.mp4
Advances in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis(nonCME).mp4
Artificial Intelligence Applications in the Clinical Assessment of Alzheimer’s Disease.mp4
AUPN Meet the Chairs Session.mp4
AUPN Small Department Networking Session.mp4
Becoming A Successful Medical Director.mp4
Career on “Pause” – Impact of the Pandemic on Early to Mid-Career Women+.mp4
Chair Panel What Do You Need to Know And Do To Have A Successful Career.mp4
Curing Coma – Science and Decision-Making for Recovery of Impaired Consciousness.mp4
Deconvoluting FDA Decisions Regarding Neurological Diseases.mp4
Dementia 2.mp4
Derek Denny Brown.mp4
Early Levodopa Carbidopa Partner for OFF Time in Parkinson’s Disease Satellite Symposium Neurocrine Bioscience.mp4
Emerging Scholar Lecture 2.mp4
Emerging Scholar Lecture Series 3.mp4
Emerging Scholars Lecture 1.mp4
Equity Diversity & Inclusion What Does It Take to Make Real Progress and How Do You Improve the Pipeline.mp4
Establishing Independence From Your Mentor And Establishing Your Own Community.mp4
Executive Session of Membership.mp4
Exploring the Utility of Whole Genome Sequencing – Satellite Symposium Illumina.mp4
Getting The Most From Your K Award.mp4
Highlights Of The Meeting.mp4
Hiring And Managing A Clinical Research Team.mp4
Hiring And Managing A Laboratory Research Team.mp4
Hypoxic Anoxic Injury in the CNS(non-CME).mp4
IDEAS to Action – Leading Diversity Initiatives in Academic Neurology.mp4
Insights into Using Dual Antiplatelet Therapy – Satellite Symposium Voxmedia.mp4
Introductions Symposium Overview.mp4
Landing Your Fellowship and First Faculty Position.mp4
Meet The Editors.mp4
Moving Institutions.mp4
Neuropsychiatric Disorders in Adults and Children.mp4
New Hope for Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Disease – Answers In CME.mp4
Opening Symposium – Insights Into the Genetic Underpinning and Treatment of Epilepsy(noCME).mp4
Parenthood And The Career-Life Trade-Offs.mp4
Physician-Scientist Careers and Collaborations With Industry.mp4
Poster Tour – ALS.mp4
Poster Tour – Autoimmune 1.mp4
Poster Tour – Autoimmune 2.mp4
Poster Tour – Autoimmune 3.mp4
Poster Tour – Cerebrovascular 1.mp4
Poster Tour – Cerebrovascular 2.mp4
Poster Tour – Cerebrovascular 3.mp4
Poster Tour – COVID-19.mp4
Poster Tour – Dementia 1.mp4
Poster Tour – Dementia 2.mp4
Poster Tour – Dementia 3.mp4
Poster Tour – Dementia 4.mp4
Poster Tour – Epilepsy 1.mp4
Poster Tour – Epilepsy 2.mp4
Poster Tour – Epilepsy 3.mp4
Poster Tour – Headache.mp4
Poster Tour – Movement Disorders 1.mp4
Poster Tour – Movement Disorders 2.mp4
Poster Tour – Neuromuscular 1.mp4
Poster Tour – Neuromuscular 2.mp4
Poster Tour – Neuropathy.mp4
Poster Tour – Sleep.mp4
Poster Tour – Tauopathy.mp4
Poster Tour – Traumatic Brain Injury.mp4
Preparing An R01 Application-Basic.mp4
Preparing An R01 Application-Clinical.mp4
Presidential Address – Strengthened Through Diversity.mp4
Presidential Symposium – COVID-19 Pandemic Population Impact and Responses, and Neurological Complications.mp4
Social Media and Web Presence.mp4
Start Up Packages and Space.mp4
Supply and Demand in Neurology Subspecialties.mp4
View from the NINDS NIA NICHD DOD and the VA.mp4
What K Awardees Need To Be Successful And How To Ask For It.mp4


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