American Gastroenterological Association Postgraduate Course 2021

10 $

‘+ Include: 20 videos, size: 6.35 GB

+ Target Audience: gastroenterologist


+ Include: 20 videos, size: 6.35 GB

+ Target Audience: gastroenterologist

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

Bariatric surgery versus bariatric endoscopy for weight loss.mp4
Chicago Classification Gospel or guide.mp4
Determining the right age and intervals to screen for colon cancer in high risk populations.mp4
Endoscopic management of inflammatory bowel disease.mp4
Immune Disease of the Liver AIH, PBC, PSC.mp4
Management of Acute Recurrent Pancreatitis.mp4
New Concepts in Cirrhosis Management.mp4
New medications for gastrointestinal motility disorders.mp4
Noninvasive testing for liver disease.mp4
President’s Welcome & Course Overview.mp4
Product Theater Eosinophilic Esophagitis An Expert’s view on the implications of Type 2 Inflammation.mp4
Staying ahead of the curve on duodenoscope reprocessing how to best avoid infections.mp4
Track A Esophagus.mp4
Track A Liver.mp4
Track A Stomach Small Bowel.mp4
Track B Colon.mp4
Track B IBD.mp4
Track B Pancreatic Biliary.mp4
Updates in Liver Transplantation.mp4
Use of blood testing for choosing, assessing and monitoring biologics in IBD.mp4


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