American College of Physicians Washington DC Internal Medicine Board Review 2023

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+ Include: 39 videos + 2 pdfs, size: 7.26 GB

+ Target Audience: internal medicine physican


+ Include: 39 videos + 2 pdfs, size: 7.26 GB

+ Target Audience: internal medicine physican

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Information:

2023 ACP Washington DC Internal Medicine Board Review (Course)

Introduction: Embark on a journey of mastery in internal medicine with the 2023 ACP Washington DC Internal Medicine Board Review Course. Designed to elevate your understanding, exam readiness, and confidence, this course is your gateway to conquering the ABIM exam and advancing your career. Packed with high-frequency, high-importance topics directly aligned with the ABIM exam blueprint, this course offers a dynamic learning experience to empower you for success.

Key Features: The 2023 ACP Washington DC Internal Medicine Board Review Course brings forth a plethora of features to ensure your excellence:

  • Targeted Topics: Delve into high-frequency, high-importance topics meticulously selected from the ABIM exam blueprint.
  • Interactive Learning: Case-based questions foster engagement, making learning an immersive experience.
  • Expert Faculty: Learn from a team of seasoned clinician-educators who are experts in their fields.
  • Test-Taking Strategies: Gain valuable insights into test-taking strategies, elevating your confidence and performance.
  • Comprehensive Syllabus: A complete electronic syllabus accompanies the course, serving as a valuable reference.
  • CME Credit and MOC Points: Earn CME credit and MOC points as you enhance your knowledge.
  • Exam Preparation Guarantee: The course guarantees your preparedness for the ABIM exam.
  • Enhanced Question Bank: Benefit from an expanded question bank, giving you ample practice opportunities.
  • Real-Time Interaction: Engage in real-time Q&A sessions with faculty to address queries and enhance understanding.
  • Bonus Access: Enjoy 6 months of access to course recordings, allowing for comprehensive review.


  1. Tailored Content: The course content is directly drawn from the ABIM exam blueprint, ensuring alignment with exam expectations.
  2. Engaging Learning: Interactive case-based questions transform learning into an engaging and practical process.
  3. Expert Guidance: Seasoned clinician-educators provide invaluable insights, bridging theory and practice.
  4. Guaranteed Success: The course’s commitment to exam preparation guarantees a confident and capable performance.
  5. Extended Access: The bonus access to course recordings enhances your review process.

Target Audience: 2023 ACP Washington DC Internal Medicine Board Review Course caters to internal medicine professionals preparing for the ABIM exam. It’s an essential learning experience for those seeking to reinforce their knowledge and exam readiness.

Conclusion: The 2023 ACP Washington DC Internal Medicine Board Review Course emerges as a definitive platform for internal medicine excellence. With its meticulously tailored content, interactive approach, expert guidance, and added benefits, this course is a catalyst for success in the ABIM exam. By combining theory, practice, and strategic insights, it empowers you to not only master the exam but also elevate your skills and confidence as an internal medicine practitioner.




+ Topics:

1 Gastroenterology I.mp4
2 Gastroenterology II.mp4
3 Gastroenterology III.mp4
4 Palliative Medicine.mp4
5 Obstructive Lung Disease.mp4
6 Critical Care Medicine.mp4
7 Dermatology I.mp4
8 Dermatology II.mp4
9 Dyslipidemia and Obesity.mp4
10 Thyroid Disease & Adrenal Mass.mp4
11 Diabetes Mellitus.mp4
12 Metabolic Bone Disease.mp4
13 Infectious Disease I.mp4
14 Infectious Disease II.mp4
15 Infectious Disease III.mp4
16 Test-Taking Tips & Strategies.mp4
17 Geriatric Medicine.mp4
18 Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders.mp4
19 Musculoskeletal Problems.mp4
20 Urologic, Obstetric, and Gynecological Conditions.mp4
21 Ethics, Patient Safety and Mental Health.mp4
22 Screening and Prevention.mp4
23 Common Symptoms.mp4
24 Nonobstructive Lung Disease.mp4
25 Ischemic Heart Disease.mp4
26 Pericardial and Valvular Disease.mp4
27 Arrhythmias.mp4
28 Heart Failure and Endocarditis.mp4
29 Miscellaneous Cardiology.mp4
30 Hematology I.mp4
31 Hematology II.mp4
32 Oncology I.mp4
33 Oncology II.mp4
34 Electrolytes & Acid-Base Disorders.mp4
35 Hypertension & Nephrolithiasis.mp4
36 Acute & Chronic Kidney Injury.mp4
37 Rheumatology.mp4
38 Neurology I.mp4
39 Neurology II.mp4


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