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American College of Physicians Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Package 2019

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American College of Physicians Internal Medicine Meeting 2019

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American College of Physicians Hospital Medicine Package 2019

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+ Include: 65 videos, size: 6.06 GB

+ Target Audience: internal medicine doctors and trainees


+ Include: 65 videos, size: 6.06 GB

+ Target Audience: internal medicine doctors and trainees

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

Acute Coronary Syndrome Management When the Clock Is Ticking on the Ticker.mp4
Allergic Reactions Urgent and Emergent Hospital Management.mp4
Antibiotics Made Ridiculously Simple (…or at Least a Heck of a Lot Easier!).mp4
Care of the Pregnant Patient.mp4
Carpe Diem Managing the Inpatient with Seizures.mp4
COPD and Asthma Exacerbations Best Evidence and Best Practice.mp4
COPD What’s New for Inpatient and Outpatient Care.mp4
Curbside Consultations in Infectious Diseases.mp4
Deciphering Acid-Base Management.mp4
Delirium Evaluation and Management in the Hospital.mp4
Encephalitis and Meningitis Identification and Management.mp4
Handoffs Improving Patient Care Transitions within the Hospital.mp4
Hematologic Emergencies.mp4
Hepato-Anxiety Treating Acute Liver Failure and Decompensated Chronic Liver Failure.mp4
Hospital and Critical Care Radiology That You Should Not Miss When the Radiologist Isn’t Available.mp4
Hypertension Management of the Inpatient When High Isn’t a Good Thing.mp4
Initial Ventilator Management and Troubleshooting Ventilator Challenges.mp4
Inpatient Diabetes Management Show Me Some Sugar!.mp4
Inpatient Heart Failure Management Beyond the Basics.mp4
Inpatient Pain Management in the Era of the Opioid Epidemic.mp4
Inpatient Sickle Cell Disease Care Managing Our Inpatients to Keep Them Outpatients.mp4
Minimizing Medical-Legal Risk and Maintaining Inpatient Care Quality Cases from the Trenches.mp4
Noninvasive Ventilation and High-Flow Nasal Oxygen Therapy Practical Evidence-Based Strategies.mp4
P5 – Consult Cardiology Myocardial Infarction.mp4
P5 – Consult Cardiology Syncope.mp4
P5 – Consult Infectious Diseases Diarrhea in the Hospitalized Patient.mp4
P5 – Consult Infectious Diseases Endocarditis Evaluation.mp4
P5 – Consult Nephrology Acute Kidney Injury.mp4
P5 – Consult Nephrology Ketoacidosis.mp4
P5 – Consult Palliative Care Goals-of-Care.mp4
P5 – Consult Palliative Care Pain Management in Opioid Tolerant Patients.mp4
P5 – Consult Pulmonology Acute Pulmonary Arrest.mp4
P5 – Consult Pulmonology Pleural Effusion.mp4
P5 – Dermatology Consult Dermatologic Manifestations of Acute Medical Problems.mp4
P5 – IM Speaker for Noon Conference Updates in Hospital Medicine.mp4
P7 – Appropriate Antibiotic Use in the ICU.mp4
P7 – Challenging Infectious Diseases in the ICU.mp4
P7 – Critical Care of the Cancer Patient.mp4
P7 – Diagnosis and Management of Acute Coronary Syndrome.mp4
P7 – Diagnosis and Management of Surgical Emergencies for the Internist.mp4
P7 – Diagnosis and Treament of PE in the Critically Ill.mp4
P7 – Diagnostic Approach & Management of Alteration in Mental Status & Coma.mp4
P7 – Drug Overdose.mp4
P7 – Management of Circulatory Shock.mp4
P7 – Management of Obstructive Lung Disease in the ICU.mp4
P7 – Managing Pain, Agitation, and Delirium in the ICU.mp4
P7 – Pneumonia in the Critically Ill Patient Prevention, Diagnosis and Management.mp4
P7 – Strategies to Decrease Complications in the Critically Ill Patient.mp4
P7 – Update on Management of Acute Respiratory Failure and ARDS.mp4
P7 – Update on the Definition and Treatment of Sepsis and Septic Shock.mp4
P7 – Update on the Diagnosis and Management of Acute Stroke.mp4
P7 – Use of Blood Products in the ICU Indications and Risks.mp4
Palliative Care in the Noncancer Inpatient.mp4
Pancreatitis Acute and Chronic Management.mp4
Perioperative Cardiac Evaluation.mp4
Perioperative Controversies.mp4
Practical Electrolyte Management Sodium, Potassium, Phosphorus, and More.mp4
Pulmonary Hypertension The Needle or the Haystack in Dyspnea Admissions.mp4
Quality Improvement for the Practicing Hospitalist.mp4
Shock and Sepsis Management to Save Lives.mp4
Stroke and TIA Inpatient Evaluation and Management.mp4
Syncope Management The Three Es of Care (Effective, Efficient, and Economical).mp4
Top 5 High-Value Care Topics in Inpatient Medicine Things We Do for No Reason.mp4
Update in Hospital Medicine.mp4
VTE Challenges A Case-Based Panel Discussion.mp4

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