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American Association of Orthodontists Winter Conference 2021

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American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 68th Annual Meeting 2021

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American Association of Orthodontists Annual Session Conference 2021

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+ Include: 107 videos, size: 33.9 GB

+ Target Audience: orthodontist

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+ Include: 107 videos, size: 33.9 GB

+ Target Audience: orthodontist

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

2020 Jacob A. Salzmann Award Lecture; Orthodontic Uncertainty Research, Core Outcomes and Snake Oil Salesmen.mp4
2020 John Valentine Mershon Award Lecture; What is the Story Behind Your Smile Patient Treatment Stories that Inspire Specialty Education.mp4
2021 Edward H. Angle Award Lecture; Biomechanics and Force Delivery Systems Wires to Screws to Plastics.mp4
2021 Jacob A. Salzmann Award Lecture; Efficient and Effective Growth Modification A 30-year Perspective.mp4
2021 John Valentine Mershon Award Lecture; New Technologies for Controlling White Spot Lesions.mp4
3D Metal-printed Bone Borne Appliances.mp4
8 Website Features that Appeal to Current + New Patients sponsored by Sesame Communications.mp4
A Less Invasive Surgery First Approach.mp4
AAO Closing Keynote sponsored by AAOF – This is Your Moment.mp4
AAO New Orthodontist & Resident Engagement Series sponsored by American Orthodontics.mp4
AAO Opening Keynote sponsored by Crest+Oral-B – Defining Moments.mp4
AAO OrthoTank.mp4
Advancing the Orthodontic Practice with the latest iTero Innovations sponsored by Invisalign iTero.mp4
Aging of the Occlusion What Should We Know.mp4
Aligner Treatment for the Elderly.mp4
Aligners Simplified.mp4
Anterior Open Bite Correction Conventional Treatment vs. TADs.mp4
Anterior Open Bite Treatment and Stability Outcomes Using TADs and Aligners vs Aligners Alone.mp4
Applying Science to Aligner Mechanics and Design.mp4
Autotransplantation Protocol and Orthodontist’s Role.mp4
Benefits of Virtual Surgical Planning in Orthognathic Surgery Cases.mp4
Bond Failure Reduction with Conventional Appliances and Aligners.mp4
Can Changing the Transverse Dimension Improve the Quality of Orthodontic Treatment in Children.mp4
Catastrophes in Orthodontics.mp4
Class II Malocclusion Correction What CBCT Studies Revealed.mp4
Class II Minimum-Touch Approach in an Evolving Orthodontic World.mp4
Clear Aligner Treatment One Size Does NOT Fit ALL.mp4
Clear Aligners in Orthognathic Surgery.mp4
Clinical Considerations When Choosing RPE, MARPE, SARME, and MPMO.mp4
Clinical Pearls for Class II Correction with MARA and Herbst Appliances.mp4
Connecting the Digital Dots.mp4
Digital Workflow for the Clear Aligner Orthodontic Team.mp4
Doctor, You’re Being Sued – And You Could Have Avoided It.mp4
Efficiencies of Aligner Treatment in Teens and Early Treatment.mp4
Efficiency & Profitability through Digital Solutions sponsored by Invisalign iTero.mp4
Ethical and Clinical Challenges when Dealing with Transfer Cases.mp4
Exploring New Tech in the Ortho Marketplace.mp4
Finishing Treatment in Patients with Clefts No Detail is Too Small.mp4
First Look 3M Clarity Aligners Flex + Force sponsored by 3M sponsored by 3M.mp4
From Micro-managing to Macro-managing Generating Systems that Foster Accountability.mp4
Growth Modulation by Class II and Class III Orthopedics.mp4
Hopkinton to Boston in 65,500 Steps Boston Marathon History and Reflections of a 21-time Finisher.mp4
How Orthodontics is Accelerating the Future of 3D Printing (and Vice Versa) sponsored by Formlabs.mp4
How to Control Vertical Dimension in Severe Deepbite Cases How to Prevent Anterior Gingival Recession.mp4
How to Establish a Culture of Teamwork and Change Your Practice for the Better.mp4
Ideal Occlusion is Not Always the Ideal Treatment Plan.mp4
Implementing Digital IDB using DIBS AI Practitioners’ Perspectives sponsored by OrthoSelect.mp4
Increasing Sales Velocity Using Innovative Communication Tools.mp4
Innovative Concepts in Esthetic Treatment Design.mp4
Invisible TransForce Orthodontics.mp4
Is Virtual Our New Reality Efficient and Effective Virtual Visits in the Orthodontic Office.mp4
Key Factors to Consider when Correcting the Vertical Dimension.mp4
Less Than US$1.00 Modern Class II Treatment, Simple & Effective.mp4
Lifetime Achievement Award Lecture; Carriere 3 Treatment in Minimally-growing Patients How Does It Work.mp4
Long-term Evaluation of Class III Orthopedics using Skeletal Anchorage.mp4
Management of the Carriere Motion Appliance for Class III Correction in the Mixed and Permanent Dentition.mp4
Management of the Vertical Dimension TADs or Aligners.mp4
Maxillary Expansion & Treatment of Class III Malocclusion in the Digital Age.mp4
Maxillary Expansion Overview A Journey Through Time.mp4
Maxillary Molar Distalization with Mini-screw Implant Supported Appliances.mp4
Maximizing Digital Efficiencies.mp4
Maximizing Success Treating Teens & Growing Children with Invisalign Clear Aligners sponsored by Invisalign iTero.mp4
Mini-plates or Mini-screws Indications, Problems and Cost Benefit.mp4
Mouthguard Club – How 5 Minutes of Scanner Time Can Create New Patients sponsored by Retainer Club.mp4
Navigating Complexities in Surgical Orthodontic Cases.mp4
Non-implant Solution to Missing Lateral Incisors The Winged Bridge.mp4
Non-surgical Maxillary Suture Opening in Adults.mp4
OSHA, CDC, FDA & EPA COVID19 Changes for Orthodontic Practices.mp4
Pearls and Lessons Learned over 26 Years in a Surgical Orthodontic Practice A Retrospective Perspective Contrasted with the Scientific Evidence.mp4
Personal Cyber Security Protecting Yourself from the Evils of the Internet.mp4
Plastic in Multidisciplinary Treatment Are We Flexible Enough.mp4
Plastic Principles 6 Key Orthodontic Principles Applied to Plastic.mp4
Post-treatment Skeletal Stability of Class II Corrections.mp4
Quicker, More Efficient Treatment Planning with 3D Controls in ClinCheck Pro 6.0 sponsored by Invisalign iTero.mp4
Retainer Club – Is Your Lab Giving You Free Retainers sponsored by Retainer Club.mp4
Retention Strategies & Finishing Tips sponsored by Invisalign iTero.mp4
Simplified Mechanics for Aligners in Treating Complex Cases.mp4
Suggestions for Systematic Treatment of Orthognathic Surgical Patients with Clear Aligners.mp4
Surgery and Orthodontics Inadequate Planning Leading to Complications.mp4
Surgery First Combined with CAD CAM Brackets and 3D Predictions.mp4
Team Incentives.mp4
TechSelect LIVE Part 1.mp4
TechSelect LIVE Part 2.mp4
TechSelect LIVE! Part 3.mp4
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Orthodontic Practices.mp4
The Art and Science of Laser Orthodontics.mp4
The Coach Approach Coaching Tools that Work with Teams, Friendships, and Families.mp4
The Evolution of Mini-implant Assisted Midfacial Expansion, the Latest Developments and Advanced Applications.mp4
The How to Guide of Digital Braces Teledentistry.mp4
The Importance of Communication and Establishing Value when Planning Treatment for the Interdisciplinary Patient.mp4
The Management of Occlusal Plane with Extra-Alveolar Miniscrews.mp4
The Orthodontic Practice of the Future, Today!.mp4
The Passion Cycle for Orthodontics & Life.mp4
The Teen Patient Journey & Align’s Digital Experience sponsored by Invisalign iTero.mp4
The Value and Implementation of 100% Digital Orthodontics for Every Patient, Every Day sponsored by KLOwen Braces, Inc..mp4
Third-Party Financing The Bridge to Successfully Navigating Challenging Market Conditions & Growing Your Digital Footprint sponsored by Invisalign iTero.mp4
Tips for Boosting Your Practice’s Online Visibility sponsored by Sesame Communications.mp4
Tips to Optimize Treatment Results Using Forsus Class II Corrector.mp4
Tooth Bone vs Tissue Bone MSE Does it matter.mp4
Transforming Orthodontic Practice with Lightforce 3D Printed Braces sponsored by Lightforce Orthodontics.mp4
Treating Difficult Class III Teens and Adults Simple Treatment Using Clear Aligners.mp4
Treatment of Maxillary Deficiency with Facemask and TADs.mp4
Type of Approach for Biomechanics of Aligner Orthodontics.mp4
Uno, Dos, Tres All the Screws in the Same Place.mp4
Virtual Collaborative Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning.mp4
When You Play the Game of Thrones, You Win or You Die. Is There a Middle Ground.mp4
Why Digital, Why Now – My Transformation Journey with ADAPT by Align sponsored by Invisalign iTero.mp4


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