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The Osler Ophthalmology 2020 Online Review

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World Glaucoma Association 8th World Glaucoma Congress 2019

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American Academy of Ophthalmology 2019 Annual Meeting

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+ Include: 18 videos, size: 13.9 GB

+ Target Audience: ophthalmologist

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+ Include: 18 videos, size: 13.9 GB

+ Target Audience: ophthalmologist

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

2019 YO Program.mp4
AAO 2019 Opening Session.mp4
Academy Caf‚ Cataract.mp4
Academy Caf‚ Glaucoma.mp4
Academy Caf‚ Private Equity.mp4
Academy Caf‚ Retina.mp4
CXL for Corneal Ectasia Real-World Experience.mp4
Focus on Quality of Life in Glaucoma Measuring and Optimizing Functional.mp4
Glaucoma Subspecialty Day Reaching 20-20 With Cataract Surgery and Glaucoma.mp4
Grand Rounds Cases and Experts From Across the World.mp4
Hot Topics 2019.mp4
Refractive Surgery Subspecialty Day Corneal Laser Vision Correction.mp4
Retina Subspecialty Day My Best Retina Medical Cases.mp4
Retina Subspecialty Day Neovascular AMD.mp4
Spotlight on Artificial Intelligence and New Technologies for the Ophthalmologist.mp4
Spotlight on Cataract Complicated Phaco Cases – My Top 5 Pearls.mp4
Spotlight on Utilizing Physician Extenders in an Ophthalmic Practice Pearls and Pitfalls.mp4
The Millennial Movement How Gender Equality, Big Data and Technology.mp4


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