Advanced Shoulder Arthroplasty Meeting 2022

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‘+ Include: 155 videos + 1 pdfs, size: 28 GB

+ Target Audience: surgerist, orthopedic physician


+ Include: 155 videos + 1 pdfs, size: 28 GB

+ Target Audience: surgerist, orthopedic physician

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

Day 1 AI in Shoulder Surgery When will Skynet become Self-Aware Gulotta.mp4
Day 1 Arthroscopic Management of OA Fact or Fiction Duralde.mp4
Day 1 CASE PANEL 2b – 55 Year Old Male Gym Rat with OA Hemi, Resurfacing, Stemless, TSA, Insert, Inlay.mp4
Day 1 CASE PANEL1a – 80 Year Old OA, Stiff, Cuff Intact.mp4
Day 1 CT The New Gold Standard for Preop Imaging What about MRI & Ultrasound Duquin.mp4
Day 1 Glenohumeral Osteoarthritis What Makes Me Pull the Day 1 Trigger to Reverse Keener.mp4
Day 1 Glenoid Poly Designs Hybrid, All Poly, Keel, Pegged Can I do what I want Delaney.mp4
Day 1 Hemiarthroplasty Back in Black! Boileau.mp4
Day 1 How I Repair the LTO Keener.mp4
Day 1 How I Repair the Peel Athwal.mp4
Day 1 How I Repair the Tenotomy Sanchez-Sotelo.mp4
Day 1 How “I” do the Deltopectoral Approach with Full Capsular Releases Cuff.mp4
Day 1 How “I” do the Deltopectoral Approach with Subscap & Capsule En Masse Boileau.mp4
Day 1 How “I” Expose the Difficult Glenoid Seebauer.mp4
Day 1 How “I” Expose the Difficult Glenoid Yoo.mp4
Day 1 I don’t need to plan my cases Don’t Start! Frankle.mp4
Day 1 I don’t need to repair the subscapularis! Lafosse.mp4
Day 1 Is the Literature on Metal Backed Glenoids any Better in 2022 Di Giacomo.mp4
Day 1 KEYNOTE ADDRESS Post-Traumatic Arthritis TSA versus RSA Boileau.mp4
Day 1 Mixed Reality How I use it now and what does the future hold Sanchez-Sotelo.mp4
Day 1 My Approach to the Length Issue with Humeral Stems Stemless, Short and Standard Ladermann.mp4
Day 1 My Tips for getting the Guide-Pin perfect Planning without PSI, Nav or MR.mp4
Day 1 Navigate You Should Navigate Faber.mp4
Day 1 OutPatient Arthroplasty What’s the data – Is it safe Gulotta.mp4
Day 1 PANEL DISCUSSION – Preoperative Planning – A 55-year-old Active Male with a Moderate B2.mp4
Day 1 PANEL DISCUSSION Difficult Primary Cases Knowledge is a Double Edge Sword.mp4
Day 1 PANEL DISCUSSION Inpatient versus Outpatient Arthroplasty Moderator Levy-Panel Faber, Duquin, Jawa, Yoo, Franceschi.mp4
Day 1 Physical Examination of the Osteoarthritic Patient Namdari.mp4
Day 1 Predictors of Good and Bad Outcomes after TSARSA What is Modifiable.mp4
Day 1 Preoperative Plan all Cases You Should Too Delaney.mp4
Day 1 RE-LIVE SURGERY Depuy Anatomic TSA with Inhance Cuff.mp4
Day 1 RE-LIVE SURGERY DJO Revision of RSA with baseplate failure to RSA Frankle.mp4
Day 1 RE-LIVE SURGERY DJO Stemless Anatomic TSA Namdari.mp4
Day 1 Regenerative Management PRP, Stemcells, Cortisone, Viscosupplementation Saltzman.mp4
Day 1 Sizing the Humeral Head Why is it so difficult, and How I simplify it Parsons.mp4
Day 1 Stress Shielding and Bony Adaptations with Metal Stems Speedo versus Boardshorts Athwal.mp4
Day 1 Subscapularis Management The Literature and Does Implant Type Matter Levine.mp4
Day 1 The Glenoid is Important, But Don’t Forget PSI for the Humerus! Zumstein.mp4
Day 1 The Golden Rules of Glenoid Implantation Evidence versus Eminence–Warner.mp4
Day 1 The New Kids on the Block Inset or Inlay Glenoids Tashjian.mp4
Day 1 TSA after instability surgery Bankart, Latarjet, Bristow, Putti-Platt Franceschi.mp4
Day 1 TSA and Tendon Transfers Before, During & After Elhassan.mp4
Day 1 TSA in Patients with Inflammatory Arthritis Workup, Technical Factors, and Outcomes Namdari.mp4
Day 1 Use Mixed Reality Visualization So Should You Collin.mp4
Day 1 Use PSI for All My Cases So Should You Warner.mp4
Day 1 Virtual Reality Is it really a game changer in arthroplasty education Favorito.mp4
Day 1 What are Smart Instruments, and How can they help me Routman.mp4
Day 1 What’s New with Glenohumeral Osteoarthritis Etiology, Progression & Genetics Chalmers.mp4
DAY 2 Alternate Centerline (DJO) – Levy.mp4
DAY 2 AUDIENCE DISCUSSION – Tashjian, Athwal.mp4
DAY 2 Augmented Glenoid (Zimmer Biomet) – Duquin.mp4
DAY 2 Classifying Bone Loss in CTA – Abboud.mp4
DAY 2 Defining Risk Factors for Instability – Levine.mp4
DAY 2 Defining RSA Implant Anatomy Options – Keener.mp4
DAY 2 FINAL PANEL DISCUSSION – Interesting Primary RSA Cases.mp4
DAY 2 Glenoid Golden Rules – Where Should We Land in 2021 Sanchez-Sotelo.mp4
DAY 2 Glenoid Graft Choices – The Best Viable Options – Seebauer.mp4
DAY 2 Glenoid Inclination – Can We Agree How to Measure and Is It Important Tashjian.mp4
DAY 2 Humeral Design Features – Biomechanics and Clinical Applications – Faber.mp4
DAY 2 I Prefer the Lateral Approach – Lafosse.mp4
DAY 2 INLAY vs ONLAY – DEBATE – Getz, Franceschi.mp4
DAY 2 Intraop Trialing – How To Do It – Assessing ROM, Impingement and Stability – Saltzman.mp4
DAY 2 Management of Sequelae of Proximal Humerus An Algorithm – Boileau.mp4
DAY 2 Maximizing IR ROM After RSA, Is The SSC Needed – Collin.mp4
DAY 2 My Tricks for Great Glenoid Exposure – Duralde.mp4
DAY 2 New Kid on the Block, Patient Matched Glenoids – Keener.mp4
DAY 2 Outcomes of Alternate Centerline – Frankle.mp4
DAY 2 Outcomes of Augmented Glenoids – Yoo.mp4
DAY 2 Outcomes of BIORSA – Collin.mp4
DAY 2 PANEL CASE DISCUSSION – Humeral Design Applications.mp4
DAY 2 PANEL CASE DISCUSSION – Unstable Shoulder, What Happened.mp4
DAY 2 PANEL DISCUSSION – Managing Glenoid Deformity.mp4
DAY 2 PANEL DISCUSSION – Patient Specific Surgery – Svelte, Obese, Short, Tall, WB shoulder.mp4
DAY 2 PANEL SESSION – Live Planning.mp4
DAY 2 Presentation BIORSA (Tornier Stryker) Athwal.mp4
DAY 2 Primary GH OA -When Do I Consider RSA – Routman.mp4
DAY 2 RE-LIVE SURGERY DJO RSA with MatchPoint and PSI – Levy.mp4
DAY 2 RE-LIVE SURGERY Exactech RSA with Intraoperative Navigation – Routman.mp4
DAY 2 RE-LIVE SURGERY Stryker RSA with Mixed Reality – Athwal.mp4
DAY 2 RE-LIVE SURGERY Stryker RSA with Patient Matched Glenoid Implant – Keener.mp4
DAY 2 Reverse for Proximal Humerus Fractures Indications and Principles – Duralde.mp4
DAY 2 RSA for Acute Proximal Humerus Fracture – Better Than ORIF – Zumstein.mp4
DAY 2 Short vs Standard Stems – Have We Regressed – Nicholson.mp4
DAY 2 Should We Repair The Subscapularis, How Do We Do This – Boileau.mp4
DAY 2 Software Planning – Tweaking to Optimize Motion – Keener.mp4
DAY 2 TalkVideo Presentation RSA for Surgical Neck Nonunion Osteotomy or Not Needed – Valenti.mp4
DAY 2 Tendon Transfers With RSA for Regaining ER and IR Function Elhassan.mp4
DAY 2 The Changing NS Angle – Would Grammont Approve – Favorito.mp4
DAY 2 The Effect of Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty Design Parameters on Rotator cuff and-Deltoid Muscle Torques A Computational B.mp4
DAY 2 Video Presentation Reverse for Proximal Humerus Fracture Through a- Deltopectoral Approach – Frankle.mp4
DAY 2 What About Arm Lengthening – Past, Present and Future Ladermann.mp4
DAY 2 Will RSA Follow Anatomic Down the Stemless Pathway – Warner.mp4
Day 3 2-Stage Glenoid Recon Using Iliac Crest Bone Graft and Hemi Reverse Boileau.mp4
Day 3 2nd AUDIENCE DISCUSSION Tashjian.mp4
Day 3 3D Virtual CT Templating for Revision Arthroplasty – Is This Even a Thing Athwal.mp4
Day 3 Acromial and Scapular Spine Insufficiency Fractures Athwal.mp4
Day 3 Anterior Shoulder Pain After RSA – Etiology and Treatment Levy.mp4
Day 3 Custom Metal Baseplate in Revision Setting Duquin.mp4
Day 3 Failed TSA With Contained Central Glenoid Defect Valenti.mp4
Day 3 FINAL PANEL DISCUSSION Avalanche Warning Black Diamond Revisions.mp4
Day 3 Glenohumeral Cerclage for Recalcitrant RSA Instability Tashjian.mp4
Day 3 How Do Shoulder Arthroplasties Fail (Early and Late) And What Does The Data Teach Us Tashjian.mp4
Day 3 How I Expose the Axillary Nerve During Revision Arthroplasty Keener.mp4
Day 3 How To Make The Diagnosis of Infection – Exam, Labs, Imaging, Aspiration, Biopsy,-IntraopPCR Namdari.mp4
Day 3 Latissimus Dorsi Transfer or Lower Trapezius Transfer For Loss of ER With Revision RSA Elhassan.mp4
Day 3 Long Stem Revision For Periprosthetic Fracture Frankle.mp4
Day 3 Management of Rotator Cuff Failure After Anatomic TSA – The Front Door and The Roof Delaney.mp4
Day 3 Management of The Unstable RSA – What Are The Options and How Do You Do It Saltzman.mp4
Day 3 Metal Allergies – Fact or Fiction Jawa.mp4
Day 3 Nerve Palsy After Arthroplasty – Prevention and Management Abboud.mp4
Day 3 ORIF Peri-prosthetic Fracture With Stable Humeral Stem Sanchez-Sotelo.mp4
Day 3 PANEL DISCUSSION – Gleniod Reconstruction in Revision Arthroplasty.mp4
Day 3 PANEL DISCUSSION Failed Anatomic TSA Cases.mp4
Day 3 PANEL DISCUSSION Failed RSA Cases.mp4
Day 3 Periprosthetic Fracture – Management and Outcomes Chalmers.mp4
Day 3 Pre-operative Planning for the Non-Infected Failed Arthroplasty – Imaging, Labs, Equipment Namdari.mp4
Day 3 Prevention of Infection in 2021 – Preps, Patient Factors, Intraoperative Techinques Chalmers.mp4
Day 3 RE-LIVE SURGERY Depuy Unite Conversion Primary to RSA Lafosse.mp4
Day 3 RE-LIVE SURGERY Medacta RSA w MyShoulder System Saltzman.mp4
Day 3 RE-LIVE SURGERY Stryker Humeral Revive Revision with Perform Baseplate Sanchez-Sotelo.mp4
Day 3 Removal of a Well Fixed Cemented Glenoid Jawa.mp4
Day 3 Removal of a Well Fixed Hybrid Glenoid Gulotta.mp4
Day 3 Removal of Distal Cement Without Osteotomy Levy.mp4
Day 3 Removal of the Stubborn Humeral Stem Warner.mp4
Day 3 Revising The Failed Glenoid Hemiarthroplasty vs Anatomic TSA vs RSA Keener.mp4
Day 3 Revising The Failed Humeral Stem With Sufficient Bone Stock – Stemless, Shorty, Standard, Longstem Collin.mp4
Day 3 Revision Anatomic TSA To Non-Custom Augmented RSA Baseplate Ladermann.mp4
Day 3 Revision Failed TSA to RSA with Glenoid Defect Grafting Using BIORSA Technique Franceschi.mp4
Day 3 Revision Humeral Component With Cementless Longstem Implant Nicholson.mp4
Day 3 Revision Humeral Component With Proximal Humeral Replacement Faber.mp4
Day 3 Revision of The Failed Stem Without Sufficient Bone Stock – Classifications and Options Routman.mp4
Day 3 Revision RSA Using Humeral APC for Proximal Humeral Bone Loss Boileau.mp4
Day 3 Revision Surgical Exposure for RSA and TSA Getz.mp4
Day 3 Revision to RSA Using Alternate Centerline Abboud.mp4
Day 3 Revision TSA to RSA With Convertible Stem – Onlay Yoo.mp4
Day 3 Shoulder Pain After The Un-infected, Pretty RSA – Looks Good But Still Hurts Zumstein.mp4
Day 3 Step by Step of One Stage Exchange Frankle.mp4
Day 3 Subscapularis Sparing Anatomic TSA Lafosse.mp4
Day 3 Superior Glenoid Defect Grafting Using a Free Graft (ICBG or Allograft) Tashjian.mp4
Day 3 The Catastrophically Failed RSA Resection vs Hemiarthroplasty Sabesan.mp4
Day 3 Transfer For Deltoid Insuffieincy or Palsy After RSA Elhassan.mp4
Day 3 Treatment of The Infected Arthroplasty – DebridementSuppression, 1 vs 2 Stage – Who-Gets What, Why and How Do They Do Di G.mp4
Day 3 Uh Oh – Complications Associated with Implant Removal and How to Address During Revision Cuff.mp4
Day 3 Uncontained Anterior Glenoid Defect Grafting Favorito.mp4
Day 3 When The Stars Align – Revision Back to an Anatomic TSA Tashjian.mp4
Day 3 Window and Repair Routman.mp4
January 21 Part 1.mp4 (live stream video bonus)
January 21 Part 2.mp4 (live stream video bonus)
January 22 Part 1.mp4 (live stream video bonus)
January 22 Part 2.mp4 (live stream video bonus)


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