ACC 20WCC Virtual Conference 2020

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+ Include: 33 videos + 104 pdfs, size: 11.2 GB

+ Target Audience: cardiologist


+ Include: 33 videos + 104 pdfs, size: 11.2 GB

+ Target Audience: cardiologist

+ Sample video: contact me for sample video

+ Topics:

101 – Coronary Artery Disease – Challenges in 2020 Cardiovascular Update For the Clinican I — A Symposium by Valentin Fuster.mp4
103 – Chronic Coronary and Systemic Disease 2020, Challenges of Management and Prevention Cardiovascular Update For the Clinican II — A Symposium by Valentin Fuster.mp4
105 – Cardiac Failure in 2020 Cardiovascular Update for the Clinician III — A Symposium by Valentin Fuster.mp4
107 – Electrical Failure in 2020 Cardiovascular Update for the Clinician VI — A Symposium by Valentin Fuster.mp4
108 – Structural Heart Disease – Challenges in 2020 Cardiovascular Update for the Clinician V — A Symposium by Valentin Fuster.mp4
401. ACC.20 WCC Opening Showcase.mp4
402 – Joint American College of Cardiology and Journal of American College of Cardiology Late-Breaking Clinical Trials.mp4
403 – Featured Clinical Research I.mp4
405 – Joint American College of Cardiology-New England Journal of Medicine Late-Breaking Clinical Trials.mp4
406 – Late-Breaking Clinical Trials III.mp4
409 – Featured Clinical Research II.mp4
410 – Late-Breaking Clinical Trials IV.mp4
411 – Joint American College of Cardiology-Journal of the American Medical Association Late-Breaking Clinical Trials.mp4
412 – Featured Clinical Research III.mp4
416 – Keynotes- Antonio Colombo 2020 Simon Dack Keynote My Lifetime Journey in Coronary Interventions – Part 1.mp4
51 – CardioObstetrics Intensive I Featuring the 51st Annual Louis F. Bishop Keynote Decreasing Maternal Cardiovascular Mortality Today, Tomorrow and in the Future.mp4
52 – CardioObstetrics Intensive II Decreasing Maternal Cardiovascular Mortality Today, Tomorrow and in the Future.mp4
608-01-PujaMehta-Persistent Angina When to Suspect INOCA.pdf
608-02-JamiesonBourque-Noninvasive Diagnosis of INOCA What Are My Tools.pdf
608-03-ChristopherSchumann-Case 1 Diagnosis of a Patient Using Noninvasive Methods.pdf
608-05-NissiSuppogu-Case 2 Diagnosis of a Patient Using Invasive Methods.pdf
608-06-C.NoelBaireyMerz-Optimal Medical Therapy The WARRIOR Trial.pdf
626-02-PaulWang-How Will Wearable Technologies Be Integrated Into Cardiovascular Care of The Near Future.pdf
626-03-EugeneChung-2 Case Presentations Featuring Clinical Decision Making With Wearable Data. ARS Polling Will Be Used.pdf
627-02-CandaceMorton-Ambulatory Monitoring in The Assessment of Prognosis.pdf
627-03-DanielCooper-Predicting Ablation Outcomes With Cardiac MRI And Echocardiography.pdf
627-04-AndrewEpstein-Is Catheter Ablation Superior to Antiarrhythmic Drugs in Treating PVCs.pdf
630-04-ScottSolomon-Before And After PARAGON Medical Therapy For HFpEF.pdf
632-04-SamuelBernard-Cases Presentation Multimodality Approach to Cardiomyopathy Assessment.pdf
634-01-JonathonLeipsic-TAVR Challenges Imaging And Measuring Bicuspid Aortic Valves.pdf
634-02-RajMakkar-Case Presentation Avoiding Coronary Obstruction in TAVR.pdf
634-03-TobyRogers-Case Presentation Leaflet Thickening And Thrombosis – Imaging And Clinical Implications.pdf
634-04-DannyDvir-New Paradigms in Valve-in-Valve Planning And Implantation.pdf
634-05-HasanJilaihawi-Post-TAVR Leaflet Thrombosis When, Where, And How.pdf
634-06-CameronDowling-Computational Modeling of TAVR Fad or Must Have.pdf
637-01-DavidWood-What CVD Prevention Services Should Be Covered For Patients in Universal Health Coverage.pdf
640-01-JavidMoslehi-Intersections of Cancer And Vascular Disease Biology.pdf
640-02-PeterLibby-Clonal Hematopoiesis of Indeterminate Potential CHIP A New LInk Between Cancer And Cardiovascular Disease.pdf
640-03-JoshuaBeckman-Global Perspective Managing HIV Associated Cancer And Vascular Complications.pdf
640-04-LavanyaKondapalli-Vascular Complications of Immunotherapy in Cancer.pdf
640-05-AlexanderBlood-Case Presentation Case 1 A Patient on Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy Who Develops Vasculitis.pdf
640-06-AnjuNohria-Vascular Complications of Targeted Therapies.pdf
640-07-AaronAday-Case Presentation Case 2 A Patient on a VEGF Inihibtor With Refractory Hypertension.pdf
640-08-JoeLau-Case Presentation Case 3 – A Patient on a TKI (Niolotinib) With Acute Limb Ischemia.pdf
640-09-CeciliaLowWang-Managing Risk in Survivors on Androgen Deprivation.pdf
640-10-AlecSchmaier-Case Presentation Case 4 – A Patient on Androgen Deprivation With Diabetes And PAD.pdf
665-02-MarcSabatine-Genes And Randomization, Two Gifts From God. How Can Genomics Guide Clinical Trials in Cardiology.pdf
665-03-JoshuaKnowles-The Future Is Now What Is The Role of Genetic Testing For Monogenic Cardiac Diseases in Preventive Cardiology Today.pdf
665-04-ErinBohula-Hot Stuff How Can Measurement of Inflammation Guide Precision in Todays Prevention Practice.pdf
665-05-Sotirios-Tsimikas-Not so Little Anymore How Lipoprotein-a Is Emerging to The Forefront of Precision Prevention.pdf
678-01-MagdiYacoub-ACC-Talk Five Decades of Pulmonary Hypertension Experience Across The Globe.pdf
678-03-Priscilla-Hsue-Update on Infectious Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Schistosomiasis to HIV.pdf
678-05-LieslZuhlke-Current Day Pulmonary Hypertension From Rheumatic Heart Disease Characteristics, Gaps, and Complications.pdf
684-03-RaviHira-Case of a Patient With Diabetes And Severe Triple Vessel Disease.pdf
684-04-SyedRab-Stenting For Left Main Disease An EXCELlent Way to Go.pdf
684-05-MichaelMack-CABG Is The NOBLE Approach to Revascularization in Left Main Disease.pdf
684-06-StephenWilkinson-Case of a Patient With Severe Left Main Disease.pdf
686-01-MerylCohen-The Impact And Prevention of Obesity in Children With Congenital Heart Disease.pdf
686-02-NicoleDempster-Psychological Impact of Exercise Restrictions.pdf
686-03-RachelCordina-Exercise in The Fontan Patient The Other Medication.pdf
686-04-AliciaWilmoth-Exercise And Fontan My Experience.pdf
690-03-PhilippePibarot-Paradoxical Low Flow Low Gradient Severe AS Understanding The Conundrum.pdf
690-05-HasanJilaihawi-My Most Challenging Cases CT Planning For TAVR.pdf
690-08-JonathonLeipsic-Imaging Post TAVR Valve Implantation The Challenge of Leaflet Thickening.pdf
692-06-SahilParikh-How Do I Choose My Stents For Infra-Inguinal Intervention From Eluvia to Supera.pdf
696-02-BradleyMaron-Back to Basics Normal Pulmonary Hemodynamics Pressure-Flow Relationship Where Next in Pulmonary Hypertension.pdf
696-03-GregoryLewis-Conventional vs. Invasive Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing Who Gets What, And Why.pdf
696-04-MarcoGuazzi-Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hypertension Devil in The Mask Exercise Medications or Combination The Perfect Soup to Unmask The Devil.pdf
696-05-JenniferHo-Risk Stratification & Management of Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hypertension.pdf
699-01-AndrewHarris-Case Presentation Mitral Regurgitation in a Heart Failure Patient. Patient With Dilated Cardiomyopathy, Heart Failure And Secondary MR (.pdf
699-02-JudyHung-Debate Pro Severe Is Severe We Should Use The Same Definition For Primary And Secondary Mitral Regurgitation.pdf
699-04-SheilaKlassen-Case Presentation Patient With Dilated Cardiomyopathy, Heart Failure And Secondary MR (Moderate to Severe) Symptoms And Medical Rx. Wha.pdf
700-01-HusseinAbuDaya-Case of a Patient With NSTEMI.pdf
710-02-AbdullaDamluji-ST-elevation Myocardial Infarction And Cardiogenic Shock Is There Role For Multivessel PCI.pdf
710-03-PaulGurbel-Adjunct Pharmacotherapy For Multivessel PCI Is There a Difference From Single Vessel Revascularization.pdf
710-04-MortonKern-Physiologic Assessment For Non-Culprit Vessels During Multivessel PCI.pdf
710-05-DavidCox-Radiation Management And Radiographic Contrast For Multivessel PCI What Do You Need to Know.pdf
710-06-EmmanouilBrilakis-Management of Complications For Multivessel PCI No Free Lunch in Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory.pdf
717-02-LauraOlivieri-Mixed Reality And 3D Printing Gimmick or Groundwork For Innovation.pdf
717-04-WHWilsonTang-ACC-Talk What Does The Gut Microbiome Have to Do With The Heart.pdf
719-03-BiykemBozkurt-Safety And Efficacy of Other Glucose Control Strategies in Patients With Diabetes And Established Heart Failure.pdf
719-04-LucianneWest-Practical Do’s And Don’ts at The Intersection of Diabetes And HF.pdf
728-01-LarryBaddour-The Life And Times of IE Pathogens.pdf
728-03-RituThamman-Case Presentation It Takes a Village The Heart Valve Team Management of IE.pdf
728-04-PurviParwani-Case Presentation IE After TAVR A New Dilemma.pdf
729-01-AmyKontorovich-Pregnancy Risks in Patients With Marfan’s And Loey’s Dietz Syndrome.pdf
729-03-MelindaDavis-Managing Pregnancy in a Patient With Takayasu’s Arteritis.pdf
729-04-VictorTapson-Massive PE in a Peri-Partum Woman.pdf
729-05-MargoMinissian-SCAD in a Post-Partum Woman.pdf
729-06-TsuyoshiKaneko-Preventing Mechanical Valves Thrombosis in Pregnancy Across The Globe.pdf
729-07-YudiOctaviono-Management Strategies For Rheumatic Valve Disease in Pregnancy.pdf
733-02-MichaelZile-Baroreceptor Stimulation in Heart Failure Still Honing Our Reflexes.pdf
738-03-Daniel-Schimmel-BPA in 2020 What’s The Best Approach.pdf
741-01-JoshuaBeckman-Debate Microvascular Disease Is an Important Driver of CLI.pdf
741-03-ScottKinlay-Debate Paclitaxel Increases Mortality in PAD.pdf
741-04-EricSecemsky-Debate Paclitaxel Does Not Increase Mortality in PAD.pdf
741-05-SoniaAnand-Debate Rivaroxaban For All Patients With PAD.pdf
741-07-ESebastianDebus-Managing CLI Around The Globe How Access Impacts Care Patterns.pdf
749-01-AnaBarac-Patient With LV Dysfunction Before And During Cardiotoxic Treatment How to Diagnose, How to Monitor, What to Do Regarding Treatment.pdf
749-02-PaaladineshThavendiranathan-StrainGuided Cardioprotection During Cancer Therapy.pdf
749-03-NausheenAkhter-Practical Approach to Setting up a Strain Protocol For Oncology Patients.pdf
749-04-LuciaFlorio-Cardiac Function in Cancer Survivors Role For CMR.pdf
749-05-LaurenBaldassarre-Tissue Characterization and Molecular Imaging for Assessment of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Ccardiotoxicity in Oncology Patients.pdf
753-01-ChristieBallantyne-Elevated Triglycerides And ASCVD Risk Reduction It Is EPA That Matters.pdf
753-03-JenniferRobinson-Statin Associated Muscle Symptoms It Is All in The Head Fake News.pdf
753-04-LynneBraun-SAMs Listen to The Patient Don’t Throw Away The Baby With The Bathwater.pdf
753-06-SalimVirani-Non-Statin Selection in Secondary ASCVD Prevention Should Be Sequential With Ezetimibe First And Then PCSK9i.pdf
753-07-PradeepNatarajan-Genetic Testing in ASCVD Risk Assessment It Is Here, Alive And Healthy.pdf
753-08-ErinMichos-Genetic Testing in ASCVD Risk Assessment A Far-Fetched Idea (Stick to The Basics).pdf
758-01-MichaelReardon-1 TAVR vs SAVR Can Precision Medicine Decide.pdf
758-02-SergeHarb-2 The Role of 3D Imaging And Printing in The Management of Valve Disease.pdf
758-05-EricRoselli-5 Regenerative Heart Valves, How Many Steps From The Future Are We.pdf
762-01-AsifJafferani-Case Presentation 1 Bifascicular Block.pdf
762-02-RoopinderSandhu-Bifascicular Block And Syncope How to Proceed.pdf
762-05-KimGuibone-Case Presentation 3 Autonomic Testing.pdf
780-01-Yvesd’Udekem-The Impact of AV Valve Failure in The Fontan.pdf
780-02-HaniNajm-From Single V to Two V Using The Subpulmonary LV.pdf
780-03-CesarHerrera-State of The Art Imaging Evaluation For Single Right Ventricular Function.pdf
780-04-PradeepkumarCharla-Negative Pressure Ventilation as Novel Therapy to Treat Fontan Complications.pdf
780-05-RukhmiBhat-Aspirin, Warfarin, NOACs What Should We Use For The Fontan.pdf
905 – Highlighted Original Research Global Cardiovascular Health Featuring the WHF Keynote.mp4
908 – FIT Forum Stump the Professor.mp4
915 – Young Investigator Awards Basic and Translational Science.mp4
916 – Young Investigator Awards Clinical Investigations.mp4
917 – Young Investigator Awards Outcomes Research.mp4
ACC Cardiology Hour at ACC.20-WCC Virtual With Valentin Fuster, MD, PhD, MACC.mp4
ACC.20-WCC Virtual- Day 1 Cardiology Hour.mp4
ACC.20-WCC Virtual- Day 2 Cardiology Hour.mp4
ACC.20-WCC Virtual- Day 3 Cardiology Hour.mp4
Day 1 Highlights – ACC.20-WCC Virtual.mp4
Day 1 Overview – ACC.20-WCC Virtual.mp4
Day 2 Highlights – ACC.20-WCC Virtual.mp4
Day 2 Overview – ACC.20-WCC Virtual.mp4
Day 3 Overview – ACC.20-WCC Virtual.mp4
E3 – ACC.20-WCC Virtual.mp4
TICO – ACC.20-WCC Virtual.mp4

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