+ The first error: The file is empty or not fully displayed as on the sales website described.
– How to fix: you only need to wait about 1 to 15 minutes (maximum of 24 hours) and then you need to press the F5 key on the keyboard or swipe down to reload the page, then the file and video will be full.

+ Second error: can’t watch live video on google drive
– How to fix: download the video to your device to watch. If unable to download, see how to fix the fourth error
+ Third error: you do not have permission to access the directory.
+ Fourth error: you have viewed the video file and pdf file in the directory, but cannot view or download the video file or pdf file directly.
– How to fix the two errors listed above (errors three and four):
Step 1: You must log out all emails on the device you are accessing the link (including gmail, yahoo mail, other types of mail).
Step 2: only login gmail has been granted access, then access the link that you will not encounter the error as above.

=> Attention: If you encounter an error not in the 3 errors listed above, please send a message immediately to my fanpage or gmail. The fanpage or gmail link I put in the Contact Me section of the Menus bar

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